Saturday, February 1, 2014

My New Nephew

Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you already know this, but if not, here's the biggest thing to happen since we moved (which I'll blog about shortly) nephew August was born December 3, 2013!!! And I'm already in love and swept off my feet!

August Winbon
December 3, 2013
7 pounds 8 ounces
20 ½ inches

Lindsay was supposed to be induced the next day, but August decided he was ready to make his appearance and boy did he! Lindsay texted me about 4:30pm or so to see if I would be available to watch Parker that night (I was staying the nights with Parker while Lee and Lindsay were staying with August in the hospital) and I said of course! Mr. B's car was in the shop, so I told her I would be available as soon as we ran one errand and it wouldn't take long. Before leaving, I told Mr. B that I wanted to go ahead and grab my stuff and then head to pick up his car - I just had a feeling that August was making his debut and I was watching Parker that night - even though Lindsay hadn't said for sure she was heading to the hospital yet.

Well, after I packed my stuff and we started leaving Lindsay texted to ask me how long until I could be there, I told her I would be 30 minutes or less, I just needed to drop Mr. B off and then I could come over. After I finished dropping him off, she told me that I didn't need to rush over because her mom was there and I could go pack first. Of course I was able to tell her I already had everything - including Parker's special jammies I was bringing her as a surprise. I knew I had a big job with August's birth and I was on top of it!

After I got there, Lindsay gave me a quick run through of everything for Parker. Luckily, I've had several sleepover's with Parker so I had a good idea of what we were doing, and anything else I could figure out! I've watched Parker a lot and put her to bed quite a few times so I'm pretty comfortable with what goes on! When Lee got home (yes...he got there after me!) they headed to the hospital and Parker and I settled in for the night less than 2 hours before August would debut!

Because I was watching Parker and responsible for putting her to bed, I sadly had to wait until the next day to meet him, but I know how much it meant to Lee and Lindsay to know that I was there with Parker and that she was well cared for. The good part of not going the night he was born though is that I didn't have to fight anyone for time with August when I did visit the next day! I spent a good part of the 4th with Lee and Lindsay up at the hospital getting to snuggle August and not having to share him! I even got to spend a few minutes doing my official job as aunt - taking his picture! The photos above are all taking less than 24 hours after he was born and are some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken...the job of an auntographer is so important!

After the school semester was over, I also got to take some newborn photos of August. I had a lot of fun doing these photos and considering it was the first time I ever tried to do newborn photos I am pleased with the outcome...he's just too adorable!

These were challenging because he would lay there looking all angelic for just a couple of minutes, I would take as many photos as I could and then he would start crying again! Poor little man just couldn't handle his photo op! But, I got a few and it was a great experience for me as a photographer. And as an Aunt! It's special to have all these photos of him and the photos of my nieces and other nephew. I love them all so much and they are all so important to me so it is never a chore to photograph these now FOUR little loves of my life!

This handsome little man is such a wonderful addition to our family and I'm already wrapped around his little finger. And I think Parker's whispering how good of an aunt I am in his ear! There's been a couple of times I've held him for quite awhile and he doesn't let a lot of people do that from what I hear. I seriously enjoy all of the snuggles I get to have with him! And he is so very snuggly!

These next two photos are of me and Mr. B holding August the first time we met him!

And these last photos are some of those times I've snuggled this handsome little man!

He's just too snuggly and I can't handle it! And I absolutely adore that he likes snuggling with me so much! I know that he's going to love hanging out with me and his uncle as he grows up! I can't say it enough, I already love him so much and I can't wait to see who he grows up to be!

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