Monday, November 18, 2013

Moving In

So, I've been working on this post for awhile now. It's been slow coming, but I'm going to get this done! I really want to update everyone on the move! This is a bit late, but I want to remember as much as I can about the move so I'm sharing it now.

Like my last post told you, the hubs and I moved in to our new apartment on October 18th! Hopefully you were following me on Instagram and were able to see the craziness I posted for that weekend! It was unbelievable moving our things into the apartment and starting to set stuff up. For those of you who may have missed it, and those who didn't, here are some of the many pictures I took and bit more commentary on what was going on.

Helping Aunt Betty pack and smelling Scentsy Bars!
Taking a break for a photo op!
The move started with me - and my adorable niece packing up the hubs and my bedroom at the hubs'  parents house. I wasn't as efficient as I could have been, but this adorable girl was too much to say no to! So, we packed the little things. Like my scentsy stuff...and for her, packing Scentsy bars meant she had to smell them...all of them! It was so cute and I was glad to have her help. Plus, I got to spend some time with her, and I enjoy every moment I can have with her!

The storage unit
The move started from this 10'x10' storage unit our things have resided in for the past 2 years. We've managed to get rid of many of the things in it, but somehow it also gained things. Overall though, it was pretty much just the things we needed. And, some of the stuff that remained we ended up getting rid of. Our new apartment doesn't have washer/dryer hook ups, so we got rid of the washer and dryer. We also got a new couch because the old one wouldn't fit in the new apartment, so it went too. Odd how little space the rest of it would have taken up without those 2 things! Pretty much what remained was all of our kitchen stuff. And a dresser and chest of drawers we inherited from the hubs' grandmother. It's from the forties and is absolutely gorgeous and I love it. It needs to be restored and we plan on doing that but it's going to cost a lot of money so it's on the to do list. Also our tv console and christmas stuff. It's crazy how much we got rid of!

The couch in it's box.
The couch was put together the day it made it's way to our apartment. We sadly don't have an Ikea in New Orleans but we do have this awesome service that goes to the Ikea in Houston (which is 6 hours away!) and brings stuff back. It costs a percentage of the stuff that you buy and they bring it back to New Orleans. So, that's how our couch made it's way to New Orleans. Ikea impresses me sometimes how they manage to package things and you can put it together. The couch was one of the easiest things we've put together. (Saying a lot since we also own a whole room of bedroom furniture from them!)

The couch all put together!

We got the Ektorp couch and so far, we're in love with it! It's comfy and you can't complain about the price. If you're looking for a couch, definitely consider this one. And if you want a white couch - try this one! The cover is washable, easy to get on and off, and if it's stained permanently, the slipcover is only $50 to replace. Seriously, worth it! (Oh, and I'm keeping a lint roller and Tide to Go pen handy.)

The chest of drawers before being put together.
When I put together Ikea furniture, the first thing I do is lay out all of the pieces putting similar pieces together. I also put all of the screws, nails, etc. onto paper plates. It makes it a lot easier for me to find all of the right pieces while trying to understand Ikea's sometimes confusing instructions. We had a whole bedroom of furniture to put together and let me tell you, it takes a long time to build a bed, chest of drawers, dresser, and two nightstands. It ultimately took me near 20 hours to do it all. (I did a lot of it by myself while the hubs was moving other things into the apartment.)

Dinner the first night at the apartment
The first night we were moving in, at dinner time we made a makeshift table. We took our new dining chairs in their boxes and put our table top on them. It was a lot of fun sitting there eating in our own place for the first time in a long time. No one to bother us, no one else to talk to.  It was great. And, apparently a lot people got a real kick out of this. I had more than one person comment on how funny they thought this was when I posted it to Instagram!

When we moved in with the hubs' parents, a lot of things were going on in my life and most of them not good. So, I was quite impressed with myself when I opened a box and found I had managed to label the steak knives. I'm always careful opening up boxes - you never know if something has broken or could possibly cut you. But, it's nice to know that what you're about to touch could be dangerous. Sometimes, having moved a lot in your life can work out quite handy.

So, I've moved a lot in my life. I can list a minimum of 15 moves I can undoubtedly say I've made. And I feel like there are some I'm missing from before I can remember. I'm pretty sure this number is quickly approaching 20. So, when my parents moved last, my mom - who's packed for all but 3 of those moves - experienced some broken plates, I was very concerned for my own long term packing. So, as soon as I could, I unpacked our dishes. I breathed the greatest sigh of relief to see our plates in pristine condition. Matter of fact, we didn't experience a single broken item in our entire move. I'm pretty proud of myself.

One of the most exciting moments of unpacking was when I found our magnet collection! When we travel, I collect magnets. They're cheap (I never spend more than about $7 and I usually spend $4 on a magnet) and take up so little space. Plus each time I go into the fridge I get to enjoy them! Some of them I didn't get myself but were instead gifts. These are pretty special because they're from my Grandma who passed away two years ago. It's always nice to get to remember her (and my Papa) when I see them. When I found them I stopped unpacking to arrange them on the fridge and instantly the apartment felt more like home!

I'm still unpacking some things...Like today I finally unpacked all of our books and put them on the bookcase. This took so long because I was struggling with how to arrange our study space. But, I finally let go of what I thought I was the "perfect" place for one piece of furniture and now everything is set up fabulously! I'm so glad that it is done and I could finally get all of the boxes out of the study! It's really so much better. And I feel like I overcame the last major hurdle of unpacking. Everything is starting to fall into place.

Also, I promise there is a tour of the apartment on the horizon. I have to get my camera from the in-laws house and then I can get some good pictures!

I hope that  y'all are doing well. Things are good here and more posts will (slowly) make their way here...I'm having realistic expectations for the sake of my own sanity.

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