Monday, October 7, 2013

Stopping By My Own Blog

It's been awhile since I posted here but honestly, I'm ok with that.

When I started this blog almost 3 years ago, I was in a very exciting place and time in my life. I was just getting married, creating a home for my husband and I, and traveling. The things I had to share and wanted to share them with the world. Then, before we were married a year we moved in with his parents and the fun, the excitement, the thrill of being newlyweds was replaced with a struggle. And while this struggle was a very real part of my life, I don't believe in sharing things on this blog that could show my family in anything but a positive light. So, that struggle will remain quietly absent from this blog. Pretty much, what comes next is the most you'll ever hear negative about the past two years. So, here it goes.

Being newlyweds and living with your in-laws is difficult, especially 2 years of it. The lack of privacy, the lack of control, the having to check in with somebody is hard. And it was far harder for me than it was my husband. They are his parents, it's the home he grew up in, in some sense, he can always feel at home there. But for me, it was giving up a lot and living a very uncomfortable life. I always felt like a guest in someone else's home, something my husband struggled with far less than I did.

I lived on my own for several years before the hubs and I got married. I had defined how I did things and nobody messed with it. I choose where the items in my home went. I made all of the decisions, and then the hubs made them with me after we got married. But now I was living in someone else's home. My privacy was gone. (Seriously, do you know how annoying it is to have to put on pants when you need to pee in the middle of the night?) And I was having to ask permission to do things. Seriously, living with my in-laws was a struggle.

It was as constant sacrifice for our family for me to live there.

Now, please don't think I'm not grateful. I have been very blessed to have in-laws that so graciously let us impose on them for two years. Who I know have their own share of complaints about me. You don't live with somebody for two years and not learn some of their less than stellar qualities. But, despite it all, they really have been wonderful to live with. In the two years we've lived with them there hasn't been a single fight, barely a disagreement. They've given us a lot of privacy in the sense that they didn't delve into our personal life more than necessary. Honestly, I don't have a serious complaint about them.

My biggest complaint: My father-in-law is a frozen food hoarder. Seriously. I'll have to take a picture and upload that here for y'all. You really need to see it. But that's the point. My biggest complaint is I didn't have enough freezer space. And I know how blessed I am that that's the situation.

So, please don't misunderstand me, I know how easy I had it. I know many couples who live with family have horror stories they could tell. But I don't. And I know, I KNOW that is a blessing from God.

But, I can tell you. On October 18th, when we move into our apartment, I am going to jump with joy!

Here are some of the highlights of having our own place again:

2) I get to decorate our home!
3) We'll have our first anniversary in our own place!
4) We'll have our first married Christmas just the two of us!
5) We can host guests again!
6) Did I mention: PRIVACY!!

Now, I know it might seem contradictory that we had a lot of privacy from his parents but that I'm most excited to mention privacy. But, I guess it's like this. You always have to maintain a certain level of modesty. You're always subject to someone else inviting people over, even when you don't want guests. Someone can always knock on your door. And inevitably they will knock on your door when you are...well...doing the married thing...if you catch my drift. When you leave the house at midnight for a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's, you have to tell people where you are going.

Think about it this way...imagine you go on vacation and stay with your do that for two years. Even though some of the formalities are eventually dispensed with, some are always there. But, that's all ending and there's only good things ahead. So many good things! Big and small!

I'm already thinking of the posts I have to share with y'all in the coming months!! What our new apartment looks like. The fall decorations I'm going to put up. Hosting Thanksgiving. Our Christmas decorations. Christmas. I can't even wait!

And that's not the half of it. I have some things I want to catch y'all up on. I don't know when they'll find their way to this blog, but I hope they do. My parents came to visit us in August, and we traveled to Washington D.C. too. Things you've heard nothing about!

So, I guess this is going to be the end. Hopefully I'll share some more stuff with you soon, but don't hold your breath...I said that I would be posting more last time and we see what happened. So, one day, you'll find out more from me...let's just hope that works out to be sooner and not later. (And I promise even less between now and when we move.)

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