Sunday, June 9, 2013

School: Spring Recap & Fall Plans

Well, May was quite a month, and I promise, there are pictures, recaps, and stories to come but, for now, I just want to write.

I tried to do the Blog Every Day in May, but I accomplished less than half the prompts. I'm okay with this because it means that I lived life this month. With friends and family visiting this month, school finishing up and taking some time to relax, I'm pretty happy. Plus, living life gives me something to blog about in these down times. And trust me, there's lots I can blog about now!

First, let's talk about the school semester!

This semester was pretty rough. Not so much the academics, but more outside stuff. I mentioned briefly that my grandfather in Cleveland passed away in January. This was hard for school because I was out of town and I missed some classes. All of my professors were amazing with the situation, but I did get behind in some studying. Then we visited my family over Mardi Gras break (the weekend immediately after the funeral), which meant I didn't catch up on studying then so I basically spent the whole semester feeling out of step. And lastly, my Mamaw had a minor heart attack in March. They were able to correct everything (Praise God!) and she's doing great, but that kind of threw a wrench in things. Together though all of these things going on in my personal life made my academic life more challenging. But come the end of the semester, and thanks to a lot of studying, I finished up with grades that made me happy. They're not perfect, and they're not what I did last semester, but considering everything that happened this semester, I'm content.

3 A's, 1 B, 1 C. Like I said, I'm content with my grades. I made a 3.4 GPA for the semester and I'm happy with that. Ultimately I'm glad this semester is over and next semester is a clean slate. I've already scheduled my classes for the fall and I'm looking forward to them!

I'm taking another special studies English class in the fall. This spring I took Gender and Fairy Tales which was a great class. This fall I'm taking Vampires in 19th and 20th Century literature with the same professor. The book list looks fabulous and I can't wait to do the reading! She has adeptly avoided Twilight, which I'm very glad about! I've read the books and seen the movies and enjoy them...for what they are. What they are NOT is college english course material. 

I'm also taking a Stuart England history course because the hubs told me my college education would be incomplete without taking a class with the professor, Bodet. The hubs took every class he could with Bodet but there was one class that he didn't offer while my husband was in school that he wanted to take - you guessed it, Stuart England. The hubs always swore if Stuart England was offered again with Bodet he would go audit the class. Sadly, the hubs won't be able to audit the course with me...but for good reason!

Now, I guess this is where I tell y'all, the reason why the hubs won't be joining me in that class (besides work...) is because he will be starting law school this fall! I can't begin to tell you how very proud of him I am! It's been his dream to go to law school for a very long time and I'm just so proud that he's been able to reach that goal. He's going to a night program so he will be going to school for the next four years but it will allow him to keep working while going to school. Again, I am so proud of his accomplishment and following his dreams!

I'm looking forward to next semester and all that it will bring but first, I'm going to enjoy my summer break! I have big plans and lots to do...which means lots to blog about!

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