Friday, May 3, 2013

{ Well, That's Uncomfortable }
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Now, we're on to things that make me uncomfortable. If you can't stand bathroom talk, just skip to number four. No need to make you uncomfortable if you don't like talking about that...Shall we begin?

  1. Having know...go to the bathroom in public. It's a multifold discomfort. The sound and the smell. So, I always hunt out the most hidden bathroom possible. And I always carry a blueberry cheesecake air freshener in my purse. That way, even if I have to share the bathroom with someone, it's a similar private yet public apology. I feel like when I spray it and the bathroom smells wonderful everyone else can understand I'm saying I'm sorry. 
  2. Similarly, the walls to the bathroom at the in-laws are kind of thin and not well insulated...whenever someone...goes to the bathroom, I can hear it...I'm frequently closing the door to our bedroom so I don't hear it. It makes me queasy. 
  3. Throwing away feminine products at someone else's home. Especially if that someone else is a male who has no significant other. And it's more acute if I'm the only girl there because then it's like: Obviously, Betty's on her period. And then, I have to sleep at night knowing that they have to clean out that trash can with the product in it. And I can't help thinking, maybe they don't have a girl friend/fiancee/wife because they don't want to clean up this particular product. So, I have this very complicated system of waiting until the absolute last minute to put on my bedtime pad - you know the one that's super thick and super long - so that I know even if we're over there for 10 hours, I'm set, because I sleep in this thing.
  4. The beginning of this list - way too much bathroom talk...moving on.
  5. Being even seconds late to class. I feel so judged. This semester I had my first two classes with the same professor and if I missed one class I would miss the other - I essentially felt late to the second class even when I was on time.
  6. Any time someone says "hey, I need to talk to you later." And that's it. No reason at all. I'm sure I'm about to be told how horrible a person I am. I'll have anxiety until I talk to them. So, yeah, just come straight out with it or don't say anything until you can talk to me.
  7. When you're watching a movie with a group of people and nudity comes on you didn't realize was there. It's like, if everyone agrees to watch Titanic, they know you have the scene where Jack draws Rose. So, you have know it's coming. You can run off to the bathroom, pop some popcorn, or refill your drink in the kitchen if you don't want to watch it with a group. But, if you sit through it, it's cool. It's almost a mutual agreement when you put the movie in "no judgement: we all agreed to watch Rose bare it all beforehand." So, that's why I say if you didn't realize it was there.
So, I guess that's going to be my list of things that make me uncomfortable. I know there's more, but I'm going to go ahead and limit it to these seven!

What makes you uncomfortable?

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