Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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So, today we're supposed to share five songs that speak to us. For me, that's not easy. Music speaks to me in different ways for different things. So, I'm breaking these songs into categories for how they speak to me.

{ when i'm angry }
Forget You, Cee Lo Green
This is my go to song when I'm angry. If I'm so angry there's steam coming out of my ears this song helps me calm. it. down. This song got me through the last couple of months as my craptastic job that ended in March 2011. For me, this song gives me a way to channel all of my anger and aggression.

*Note, the highpoint of this song is the lyrics "I guess she's an Xbox, I'm more an Atari" Go ahead, bask in the awesomeness.

{ when i'm feeling lovey dovey }
Johnny and June, Heidi Newfield
This is one of those songs that just oozes love to me. When I listen to it, I just feel more in love with the hubs. This is just a song that makes me feel love.

{ when i want to feel Texan }
My Texas, Josh Abbott Band
When I hear this song on my iTunes, I know life is better. I've done so many of the things in this song that it takes me back to Texas. Living out of the state I grew up in and love can be sad, but this song takes me back every time.

{ when i want to feel awed }
Time, The Inception Soundtrack, Hans Zimmer
This is one of the best soundtracks ever and this is one of the best tracks off of the Inception soundtrack. I love this movie and I really enjoy listening to every song on the track, but this one just awes me. Hans Zimmer did an amazing job with this piece and I really just proves to me how powerful music is each time I listen to it.

{ when i want to worship }
One Thing Remains, Jesus Culture
No matter how many personal issues I have with church right now (Church, not God...I want to point out a very distinctive difference here) this song reminds me how much God loves me. Even just listening to this song right now almost brings me to tears. And I'm trying not to let it. It reminds me, it makes me tell God, I know he will never fail me. It strengthens my ties to him even when I'm struggling with other things. If I was only allowed one song to listen to for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Many other songs could have made this list. I love music. I feel music. I know that might sound crazy but I feel what the music wants me to feel. If it's a love song, I feel love. If it's an aggressive song, I feel aggressive. Get it? If someone wants to get a pretty good idea of who I am, they could just look at my most played list in iTunes. I listen to songs that feel the way I want to feel. Sometimes a song comes on the radio and I'll feel in love and want to hold my husbands hand and know the one I love is near. I've asked him before if a song made him feel more in love with me trying to learn how music affects him. He said his emotions aren't as tied to music as mine was strange for me to think that but it's amazing how music effects everyone differently.

  How does music effect you?

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