Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Blog Every Day in May

While I've been trying hard to do this challenge, the month of May has not been kind to me.

First, finals took up the first 10 days of May.
Second, family was in town for the next week.
Third, a good friend has been in town this week, among other things.

So, I've been crazy busy trying to focus on living life. And that's my biggest goal, to live life to the fullest, so sometimes that means this dear blog takes a backseat. But, you know what, just because something is in the backseat isn't a bad thing. That means it was important enough to make it into the car where you can interact with it. So, while it's not riding shot gun by any means, the back seat isn't necessarily all bad either!

So, back to this challenge's topic is something you read's what I'm sharing.

Beyonce, The Giant Metal Chicken

This story was one of my first pins on Pinterest. Since that day, I've shared this story with the hubs (he was mildly amused, maybe he's scared it will happen to him?), my sister (she laughed), and my dad (who cried almost as much as I did. But, we read it at 3am, tired as could be). My mom apparently was able to smile over it. Anyways, next time you're having a bad day, keep this in your back pocket. It will seriously make your day better.

Oh, and when I say my dad enjoyed it, I mean over half of my text message stream with him is quotes from this story. "It's full of whimsy." is a definite favorite. So, with this glowing review, wait until you're about to pass out tired. Or maybe tipsy on your favorite alcoholic beverage. Or better yet, both. And then read it. Hopefully I've just improved your life.

P.S. If Beyonce, The Giant Metal Chicken isn't enough, always consider reading these reviews on Amazon. Again, you're welcome.

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