Monday, May 13, 2013

{ i'm sorry }
Blog Every Day in May

Today as part of Blog Every Day in May, we are to issue a public apology. While I was tempted to be witty and give you all a laugh as you're returning to work today, I've decided to share something that has been heavy on my heart the past few months. Please, spend some time with this post, even if you usually just glance at my writing and move on.

My apology:
I'm sorry that in the world today, including the United States, a horrible form of slavery, human trafficking, still continues.

This past semester I took a class that included required reading about human trafficking. While I had heard of the issues reading Kevin Bales' "Because She Looks Like a Child" broke my heart. He tells the story of Siri, a fifteen year old girl who is in a Thai brothel, forced to have sex multiple times a night. She is particularly popular among the men who frequent the brothel because she looks younger than her age and can be sold as a "new" girl. Her story affected me a way I hadn't experienced before. I had to stop studying and all I could do was cry.

Sadly, I wasn't entirely oblivious of this issue but I was extremely uninformed. Now, I'm going to start working to change that. I had previously heard of the organization Love146 and have spent much more time looking into them recently. I encourage you to spend a few minutes looking into this amazing organization.

You can learn the story behind their name here.

You can learn some facts about human and child slavery here.

You can learn more about Love146 here.

Finally, Love146 has what they call task forces. These are local groups within the community that spend time educating themselves and others about human trafficking, how to end this horrible practice, and raise money to actively support the work Love146 is doing.

I'm in the beginning stages of trying to start a task force in my area. And by the beginning stages I mean, I've decided this is something important to me and I'm beginning to research and learn more about what I need to do. Of 373 task forces only 43 are currently active. I want to take my time and ensure that once I get a group of people together that we stay active. None of the 43 currently active task forces can do it alone. So, I'm going to do something out of character for me, instead of rushing into an idea I'm going to be the tortoise and take this slow and steady. My goal is to have a group ready by the time I return to school in the fall.

And y'all, if you can't join a task force, or simply don't want to, please keep these children in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that they feel God's comfort and God's love  despite the horrible conditions that they are in. And pray that all of the people Love146 is able to reach come to know God's purifying love. Pray that they find peace with a difficult life.

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