Friday, May 24, 2013

{ I'm Not Perfect }
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So often we talk about our good traits. And on our blogs, do we really put our worst foot first? I definitely don't. But, let's face it: we all have some aspects of ourselves we are trying to improve. I am no different. I have flaws (shocking!) and am working to try and improve them! So, I'm embracing today's prompt and sharing 3 of my worst traits. In no particular order:

{ one }
I'm a people pleaser. It has been a challenge for me for as long as I can remember. I all too often overextend myself and ignore my own needs to make others happy. But it's more than that. If you ask me what I want, I struggle to separate what you want from what I want because I want you to be happy. See the challenge? Thanks to counseling I have begun improving this, but it still remains one of my worst traits.

{ two }
I'm not disciplined in many things. A little example, getting up in the mornings. I'm a night owl, but if I keep a regular schedule, I can keep a "normal people schedule". But, at 8AM when my alarm goes off, I just keep hitting the snooze. It doesn't matter how much I know I'll regret not getting up, I just can't do it. (And I swear, my will power is zilch when I'm waking up, which is even less than all the rest of the day.) Let's not even talk about things like just doesn't happen!

{ three }
I'm a terrible finisher. I can get gung-ho about a project faster than you imagine. But, most projects usually remain in a partially completed state. For example, over spring break I started hanging some pictures for my in-laws but then I needed to get one of the frames fixed so I could hang it. Well, the picture frame is ready, but still needs to be hung...hopefully I'll finish that this week. When I get up at 8AM.

So, there are 3 of my worst traits. Those are things that I need to work on and improve about myself!

What's something you're trying to improve about yourself?

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