Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{ happy and you know it }
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Today's prompt is TEN things that make you happy. This prompt may be the easiest and the hardest at the same time. Easy because SO many things make me happy. Hard because how do I pick just ten? Still, somehow I managed to do it! Without further ado, here are ten things that make me happy.

  1. Always, the hubs. 
  2. My adorable niece, Parker.
  3. Watching movies.
  4. Ice Cream.
  5. Good Mexican food.
  6. Good grades at school.
  7. Fun with friends.
  8. Sun showers (when it's raining and sunny at the same time.)
  9. A field covered in bluebonnets.
  10. My favorite song playing on the radio.

While, this list could go on and on, this is where I'll end it!

What makes you happy?

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