Thursday, May 2, 2013

{ Educate the Masses }
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Today's topic is to educate everyone on something they know a lot about. I know a lot about this because I'm apparently in the opposition/minority.

I have being seeing a certain comment flying around a lot recently, so I'm going to educate everyone on the other side of the issue...ready?

The comment is: When you leave the bathroom without washing your hands, I judge you.

If you are judging someone for not washing their hands after they go to the bathroom...


Maybe that was a little harsh?
Let me try again.

Please consider that just because someone doesn't wash their hands doesn't mean anything anymore.

Remember this life changing invention:

Has anyone caught on yet? Yeah...just because they don't spend 12 seconds with a sink...maybe they're still cleaning up...

Y'all are kind, wonderful people, so I think I can be honest with you.

Most of the time, I rely on my hand sanitizer after going to the bathroom, and for a host of reasons:

  1. Once I wash my hands, I have to dry them until they're perfectly dry. I have to take off my wedding ring, dry it, etc.
  2. And it uses a lot of paper towels. I try to use as few as possible, but I hate doing it. I feel like I'm harming the environment less by using the hand sanitizer.
  3. And if there's a hand dryer and not paper towels, it's impossible to get my hands dry enough.
  4. Not to mention, it also takes a few minutes by the time I do all of that.
  5. And remember, most people don't wash their hands long enough in public restrooms. (Think about how many people just turn on the water, dip their hands in it and that's soap even.)
I rely on my hand sanitizer for the most part. And, I always use it after I get out of the bathroom. Which means the person judging me doesn't know the whole story.

So, your education today is simply a reminder: don't judge. And if someone doesn't want to wash their hands? So be it...that's their chance to take.

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