Sunday, May 19, 2013

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Blog Every Day in May

Today we're supposed to share with you our five favorite blogs. I really suggest checking them out if you want to check out someone else.

Kayleigh at A Million Little Somethings
Kayleigh was one of the first bloggers I ever really started to be friends with outside of blogging. She just got married so I'm sure there's going to be lots of good stuff on her blog as she shares about her wedding and newlywed life!

Melissa has two blogs. The first is her lifestyle blog and the second is her weightloss blog. If you just want to read about her life, check out the first one. It's great - and I absolutely LOVE her blog design. Now, if you are working on being healthier and losing weight, check out her second blog. Her blog about weight loss is so encouraging and how she writes is so encouraging I can even read it when I'm struggling with my own weight loss goals. We've become friends and she's absolutely adorable!

Holly's blog is one of my can't miss blogs. I just enjoy reading it!

Lindsay at Parker's Place
Lindsay is my sister-in-law and this is her blog. There's a lot of new stuff going on over there right now and I'm going to blog about it shortly. A lot of family stuff shows up over there that shows up here too, but she has her own stuff too!

I hope y'all enjoy checking these blogs out! 

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