Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{ That's My Jam }
Blog Every Day in May

So, today we're supposed to share five songs that speak to us. For me, that's not easy. Music speaks to me in different ways for different things. So, I'm breaking these songs into categories for how they speak to me.

{ when i'm angry }
Forget You, Cee Lo Green
This is my go to song when I'm angry. If I'm so angry there's steam coming out of my ears this song helps me calm. it. down. This song got me through the last couple of months as my craptastic job that ended in March 2011. For me, this song gives me a way to channel all of my anger and aggression.

*Note, the highpoint of this song is the lyrics "I guess she's an Xbox, I'm more an Atari" Go ahead, bask in the awesomeness.

{ when i'm feeling lovey dovey }
Johnny and June, Heidi Newfield
This is one of those songs that just oozes love to me. When I listen to it, I just feel more in love with the hubs. This is just a song that makes me feel love.

{ when i want to feel Texan }
My Texas, Josh Abbott Band
When I hear this song on my iTunes, I know life is better. I've done so many of the things in this song that it takes me back to Texas. Living out of the state I grew up in and love can be sad, but this song takes me back every time.

{ when i want to feel awed }
Time, The Inception Soundtrack, Hans Zimmer
This is one of the best soundtracks ever and this is one of the best tracks off of the Inception soundtrack. I love this movie and I really enjoy listening to every song on the track, but this one just awes me. Hans Zimmer did an amazing job with this piece and I really just proves to me how powerful music is each time I listen to it.

{ when i want to worship }
One Thing Remains, Jesus Culture
No matter how many personal issues I have with church right now (Church, not God...I want to point out a very distinctive difference here) this song reminds me how much God loves me. Even just listening to this song right now almost brings me to tears. And I'm trying not to let it. It reminds me, it makes me tell God, I know he will never fail me. It strengthens my ties to him even when I'm struggling with other things. If I was only allowed one song to listen to for the rest of my life, this would be it.

Many other songs could have made this list. I love music. I feel music. I know that might sound crazy but I feel what the music wants me to feel. If it's a love song, I feel love. If it's an aggressive song, I feel aggressive. Get it? If someone wants to get a pretty good idea of who I am, they could just look at my most played list in iTunes. I listen to songs that feel the way I want to feel. Sometimes a song comes on the radio and I'll feel in love and want to hold my husbands hand and know the one I love is near. I've asked him before if a song made him feel more in love with me trying to learn how music affects him. He said his emotions aren't as tied to music as mine was strange for me to think that but it's amazing how music effects everyone differently.

  How does music effect you?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

{ I've Read It }
Blog Every Day in May

While I've been trying hard to do this challenge, the month of May has not been kind to me.

First, finals took up the first 10 days of May.
Second, family was in town for the next week.
Third, a good friend has been in town this week, among other things.

So, I've been crazy busy trying to focus on living life. And that's my biggest goal, to live life to the fullest, so sometimes that means this dear blog takes a backseat. But, you know what, just because something is in the backseat isn't a bad thing. That means it was important enough to make it into the car where you can interact with it. So, while it's not riding shot gun by any means, the back seat isn't necessarily all bad either!

So, back to this challenge's topic is something you read's what I'm sharing.

Beyonce, The Giant Metal Chicken

This story was one of my first pins on Pinterest. Since that day, I've shared this story with the hubs (he was mildly amused, maybe he's scared it will happen to him?), my sister (she laughed), and my dad (who cried almost as much as I did. But, we read it at 3am, tired as could be). My mom apparently was able to smile over it. Anyways, next time you're having a bad day, keep this in your back pocket. It will seriously make your day better.

Oh, and when I say my dad enjoyed it, I mean over half of my text message stream with him is quotes from this story. "It's full of whimsy." is a definite favorite. So, with this glowing review, wait until you're about to pass out tired. Or maybe tipsy on your favorite alcoholic beverage. Or better yet, both. And then read it. Hopefully I've just improved your life.

P.S. If Beyonce, The Giant Metal Chicken isn't enough, always consider reading these reviews on Amazon. Again, you're welcome.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

{ I'll Never Forget }
Blog Every Day in May

I'm working on playing a bit of catch up on the Blog Every Day in May challenge. May 25th's prompt was to share something, good or bad, that someone had told you about yourself that you'll never forget. Mine takes us all the way back to the mid 2000s. Back to when myspace (do you remember myspace?) was all the rage and I spent every spare moment updating my profile and what not.

Well, in my myspace days, I would make use of the blogging feature (was it the bulletins? or the notes? I don't remember) similarly to how I use this blog, except I didn't share pictures...but my thoughts were often written down and shared with the masses...or at least my handful of myspace friends.

One day, I found one of my cousins I hadn't seen in a long time and friended him. When he didn't readily accept my friend request, I sent him a message telling him who I was. Well, he responded back telling me how it had slowly dawned on him who I was as he was looking at my page. Then he said that he had read my blogs I had posted and that I was a great writer. That compliment is still one of my favorites that I've ever received. It was genuine and it really encourages me as I write. I'll never forget it!

What has someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget?

Friday, May 24, 2013

{ I'm Not Perfect }
Blog Every Day in May

So often we talk about our good traits. And on our blogs, do we really put our worst foot first? I definitely don't. But, let's face it: we all have some aspects of ourselves we are trying to improve. I am no different. I have flaws (shocking!) and am working to try and improve them! So, I'm embracing today's prompt and sharing 3 of my worst traits. In no particular order:

{ one }
I'm a people pleaser. It has been a challenge for me for as long as I can remember. I all too often overextend myself and ignore my own needs to make others happy. But it's more than that. If you ask me what I want, I struggle to separate what you want from what I want because I want you to be happy. See the challenge? Thanks to counseling I have begun improving this, but it still remains one of my worst traits.

{ two }
I'm not disciplined in many things. A little example, getting up in the mornings. I'm a night owl, but if I keep a regular schedule, I can keep a "normal people schedule". But, at 8AM when my alarm goes off, I just keep hitting the snooze. It doesn't matter how much I know I'll regret not getting up, I just can't do it. (And I swear, my will power is zilch when I'm waking up, which is even less than all the rest of the day.) Let's not even talk about things like just doesn't happen!

{ three }
I'm a terrible finisher. I can get gung-ho about a project faster than you imagine. But, most projects usually remain in a partially completed state. For example, over spring break I started hanging some pictures for my in-laws but then I needed to get one of the frames fixed so I could hang it. Well, the picture frame is ready, but still needs to be hung...hopefully I'll finish that this week. When I get up at 8AM.

So, there are 3 of my worst traits. Those are things that I need to work on and improve about myself!

What's something you're trying to improve about yourself?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coming Up...

As you all know I have this one really adorable niece.

She's wonderful and we're just crazy about each other.

But, her mom and dad, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law just shared some great news recently!

First, we found out that we will be welcoming another niece through the wonderful process of adoption!!! Her name will be Norah and we are just so excited about her. We are so glad to be joining them in the process of adoption!

Then, Lee and Lindsay shared the very exciting news that they will be having a baby!!! Their due date is in December, and we can't wait to welcome this baby into our family. We're just so excited!!

I can't believe I'm getting another niece and another niece or nephew!! It's just so exciting!!! I can't wait to meet both of these wonderful babies and get to love on them just as much as I have loved on Parker. I hope I can build a relationship like the one I've built with Parker!

{ check these bloggers out }
Blog Every Day in May

Today we're supposed to share with you our five favorite blogs. I really suggest checking them out if you want to check out someone else.

Kayleigh at A Million Little Somethings
Kayleigh was one of the first bloggers I ever really started to be friends with outside of blogging. She just got married so I'm sure there's going to be lots of good stuff on her blog as she shares about her wedding and newlywed life!

Melissa has two blogs. The first is her lifestyle blog and the second is her weightloss blog. If you just want to read about her life, check out the first one. It's great - and I absolutely LOVE her blog design. Now, if you are working on being healthier and losing weight, check out her second blog. Her blog about weight loss is so encouraging and how she writes is so encouraging I can even read it when I'm struggling with my own weight loss goals. We've become friends and she's absolutely adorable!

Holly's blog is one of my can't miss blogs. I just enjoy reading it!

Lindsay at Parker's Place
Lindsay is my sister-in-law and this is her blog. There's a lot of new stuff going on over there right now and I'm going to blog about it shortly. A lot of family stuff shows up over there that shows up here too, but she has her own stuff too!

I hope y'all enjoy checking these blogs out! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{ happy and you know it }
Blog Every Day in May

Today's prompt is TEN things that make you happy. This prompt may be the easiest and the hardest at the same time. Easy because SO many things make me happy. Hard because how do I pick just ten? Still, somehow I managed to do it! Without further ado, here are ten things that make me happy.

  1. Always, the hubs. 
  2. My adorable niece, Parker.
  3. Watching movies.
  4. Ice Cream.
  5. Good Mexican food.
  6. Good grades at school.
  7. Fun with friends.
  8. Sun showers (when it's raining and sunny at the same time.)
  9. A field covered in bluebonnets.
  10. My favorite song playing on the radio.

While, this list could go on and on, this is where I'll end it!

What makes you happy?

Monday, May 13, 2013

{ i'm sorry }
Blog Every Day in May

Today as part of Blog Every Day in May, we are to issue a public apology. While I was tempted to be witty and give you all a laugh as you're returning to work today, I've decided to share something that has been heavy on my heart the past few months. Please, spend some time with this post, even if you usually just glance at my writing and move on.

My apology:
I'm sorry that in the world today, including the United States, a horrible form of slavery, human trafficking, still continues.

This past semester I took a class that included required reading about human trafficking. While I had heard of the issues reading Kevin Bales' "Because She Looks Like a Child" broke my heart. He tells the story of Siri, a fifteen year old girl who is in a Thai brothel, forced to have sex multiple times a night. She is particularly popular among the men who frequent the brothel because she looks younger than her age and can be sold as a "new" girl. Her story affected me a way I hadn't experienced before. I had to stop studying and all I could do was cry.

Sadly, I wasn't entirely oblivious of this issue but I was extremely uninformed. Now, I'm going to start working to change that. I had previously heard of the organization Love146 and have spent much more time looking into them recently. I encourage you to spend a few minutes looking into this amazing organization.

You can learn the story behind their name here.

You can learn some facts about human and child slavery here.

You can learn more about Love146 here.

Finally, Love146 has what they call task forces. These are local groups within the community that spend time educating themselves and others about human trafficking, how to end this horrible practice, and raise money to actively support the work Love146 is doing.

I'm in the beginning stages of trying to start a task force in my area. And by the beginning stages I mean, I've decided this is something important to me and I'm beginning to research and learn more about what I need to do. Of 373 task forces only 43 are currently active. I want to take my time and ensure that once I get a group of people together that we stay active. None of the 43 currently active task forces can do it alone. So, I'm going to do something out of character for me, instead of rushing into an idea I'm going to be the tortoise and take this slow and steady. My goal is to have a group ready by the time I return to school in the fall.

And y'all, if you can't join a task force, or simply don't want to, please keep these children in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that they feel God's comfort and God's love  despite the horrible conditions that they are in. And pray that all of the people Love146 is able to reach come to know God's purifying love. Pray that they find peace with a difficult life.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

{ on pause }

Since I'm in no position to blog thanks to finals, I have a few pinterest funnies I've found and want to share with you. I promise, after finals are over, I'll be back to blogging regularly!!

Hope y'all got a laugh from these like I did. If not, you know how fried my brain has become this past week!

Monday, May 6, 2013

{ what I do }
Blog Every Day in May

This is another make up post for the Blog Every Day in May challenge. Today's prompt is "if you can't answer with your job, what do you do?"

Since I currently don't have a job, this is both easier and harder. I can't just say student because being a student is my job right now. But, it also means I'm used to answering this question without answering with a job. So, here it goes.

I help make my husband's life better. I stay active in my niece's life. I maintain relationships with friends and family. I try to improve the world as much as I can. I pursue my hobbies and interests. I encourage others. I do life.

I hope that even with a job, much of this would keep the same answer. At the end of the day, these are the things that matter to me and are much more important than a job. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

{ quote unquote }
Blog Every Day in May

Since I was so busy with school and unable to blog during finals, I am going back and filling in the blog posts I miss. I may be a bit slow, but I'm going to get it done! So, now, I'm making up my quote post - you know, the one where you post your favorite quote.

Here's my favorite quote!

Friday, May 3, 2013

{ Well, That's Uncomfortable }
Blog Every Day in May

Now, we're on to things that make me uncomfortable. If you can't stand bathroom talk, just skip to number four. No need to make you uncomfortable if you don't like talking about that...Shall we begin?

  1. Having know...go to the bathroom in public. It's a multifold discomfort. The sound and the smell. So, I always hunt out the most hidden bathroom possible. And I always carry a blueberry cheesecake air freshener in my purse. That way, even if I have to share the bathroom with someone, it's a similar private yet public apology. I feel like when I spray it and the bathroom smells wonderful everyone else can understand I'm saying I'm sorry. 
  2. Similarly, the walls to the bathroom at the in-laws are kind of thin and not well insulated...whenever someone...goes to the bathroom, I can hear it...I'm frequently closing the door to our bedroom so I don't hear it. It makes me queasy. 
  3. Throwing away feminine products at someone else's home. Especially if that someone else is a male who has no significant other. And it's more acute if I'm the only girl there because then it's like: Obviously, Betty's on her period. And then, I have to sleep at night knowing that they have to clean out that trash can with the product in it. And I can't help thinking, maybe they don't have a girl friend/fiancee/wife because they don't want to clean up this particular product. So, I have this very complicated system of waiting until the absolute last minute to put on my bedtime pad - you know the one that's super thick and super long - so that I know even if we're over there for 10 hours, I'm set, because I sleep in this thing.
  4. The beginning of this list - way too much bathroom talk...moving on.
  5. Being even seconds late to class. I feel so judged. This semester I had my first two classes with the same professor and if I missed one class I would miss the other - I essentially felt late to the second class even when I was on time.
  6. Any time someone says "hey, I need to talk to you later." And that's it. No reason at all. I'm sure I'm about to be told how horrible a person I am. I'll have anxiety until I talk to them. So, yeah, just come straight out with it or don't say anything until you can talk to me.
  7. When you're watching a movie with a group of people and nudity comes on you didn't realize was there. It's like, if everyone agrees to watch Titanic, they know you have the scene where Jack draws Rose. So, you have know it's coming. You can run off to the bathroom, pop some popcorn, or refill your drink in the kitchen if you don't want to watch it with a group. But, if you sit through it, it's cool. It's almost a mutual agreement when you put the movie in "no judgement: we all agreed to watch Rose bare it all beforehand." So, that's why I say if you didn't realize it was there.
So, I guess that's going to be my list of things that make me uncomfortable. I know there's more, but I'm going to go ahead and limit it to these seven!

What makes you uncomfortable?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

{ Educate the Masses }
Blog Every Day in May

Today's topic is to educate everyone on something they know a lot about. I know a lot about this because I'm apparently in the opposition/minority.

I have being seeing a certain comment flying around a lot recently, so I'm going to educate everyone on the other side of the issue...ready?

The comment is: When you leave the bathroom without washing your hands, I judge you.

If you are judging someone for not washing their hands after they go to the bathroom...


Maybe that was a little harsh?
Let me try again.

Please consider that just because someone doesn't wash their hands doesn't mean anything anymore.

Remember this life changing invention:

Has anyone caught on yet? Yeah...just because they don't spend 12 seconds with a sink...maybe they're still cleaning up...

Y'all are kind, wonderful people, so I think I can be honest with you.

Most of the time, I rely on my hand sanitizer after going to the bathroom, and for a host of reasons:

  1. Once I wash my hands, I have to dry them until they're perfectly dry. I have to take off my wedding ring, dry it, etc.
  2. And it uses a lot of paper towels. I try to use as few as possible, but I hate doing it. I feel like I'm harming the environment less by using the hand sanitizer.
  3. And if there's a hand dryer and not paper towels, it's impossible to get my hands dry enough.
  4. Not to mention, it also takes a few minutes by the time I do all of that.
  5. And remember, most people don't wash their hands long enough in public restrooms. (Think about how many people just turn on the water, dip their hands in it and that's soap even.)
I rely on my hand sanitizer for the most part. And, I always use it after I get out of the bathroom. Which means the person judging me doesn't know the whole story.

So, your education today is simply a reminder: don't judge. And if someone doesn't want to wash their hands? So be it...that's their chance to take.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

{ My Life in 115 Words }
Blog Every Day in May Linkup

Today's prompt is to share our life story in 250 words  or less. I've done it in 115 words.

Only child.
Brother and Sister - Twins!
Move again.
Sundown Elementary.
Move and move again.
Brother sick.
Comes home.
Brother sick.
Birthday at hospital.
Brother dies.
Move again.
McDonald Junior High.
Lose friends.
Make new friends.
Move again.
Katy Junior High.
Katy High School.
Lose friends.
Band and choir.
Make new friends.
Move again.
San Antonio.
Hurricane Katrina.
Meet husband.
First job.
Get engaged.
Move. Again.
New Orleans.
Second job.
Third job.
Wait some more.
Get married.
Laid off.
Move in with in-laws.
University of New Orleans.
Much better.
Looking forward.

Also, next week is finals, so as you can imagine I'm burying myself in books. I may not be around much the next week and half...unless I need a break, then I'll probably post something here. Either way, I'll be back soon!

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