Monday, April 15, 2013

{ Monday Memories } Highway 16

 After reading one of my favorite blogs the other day, eight six eleven, I've been motivated to do something fun. I'm going to start blogging about the the things I did back before I was blogging. I'm going to focus on things with the hubs, but really anything is potentially fodder for what I'm calling "Monday Memories". I'm planning to do this most Mondays, but I'm not making any promises to do this on a weekly basis. So, this week I'm starting with a day trip the hubs and I took back when were first dating.

In Texas Highway 16 takes a beautiful tour of the hill country between Kerrville and San Antonio. In December of 2005 we took this drive and it was gorgeous. Even though it was December the leaves were showing their fall colors and it was just a beautiful day!

 On our way to Kerrville we stopped to take a picture with this sign. It's always been one of my favorite mileage signs because it helps show how big Texas is. From the other side of San Antonio, the next big city worth mentioning is El Paso - 518 miles away!

Along the drive we saw this little creek and stopped to take pictures. Even now, seven and a half years later, these are still some of my favorite photos of the two us.

In these pictures I'm wearing a rabbit fur coat my grandmother gave me. I loved this coat and can't wait to lose weight so that I can wear it again!

Here's the hubs with the creek. In this picture you can kind of see the little bridge like thing we were able to stand on. No, we didn't stand in the middle of the creek!

I took this photo along the way. Just more proof of how beautiful the day was!

It was just so pretty! The colors of leaves, the weather, the company, were all so wonderful that day!

 Another stop to take a photo together. These were all a challenge of the hubs setting the camera up on the roof of the car, setting the self-timer and running to where we were standing. He got quite a workout that day. Then, we headed to see the Alamo.

This was the hubs first trip to the Alamo. He had a lot of fun learning so much of the Texas history that I grew up knowing. And, I remembered a few things I had forgotten - seventh grade Texas history had been a few years before at that point!

After our visit to the Alamo I have no idea what we did! Isn't it funny how that happens? There aren't pictures of it, so I have no idea! I think we may have gone to eat on the Riverwalk - but I make no promises!

So, that was our day trip down Highway 16. If you're ever out in the Kerrville area, I definitely recommend taking the drive, any time of year. It's gorgeous and worth the time. It takes a couple of hours to go from San Antonio to Kerrville and back, but again, worth it if you have the time and like pretty drives!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I can't wait to take another. Thanks so much for indulging me!

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