Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter Sunday

I finally finished editing my Easter photos and thought I'd share about our quiet day we spent with our family. For Easter the hubs and I went over to Lee and Lindsay's and were joined by Lindsay's mom and her husband. We had a great time eating and hanging out. We don't spend as many holidays with Lindsay's mom since she got married and the hubs and I miss having her at holidays. So, it was great to have everyone together.

When we got to Lee and Lindsay's, Parker was taking her nap and everyone just got things ready for dinner.

Parker napping.

 After the finishing touches were put on our lunch, we sat down to start eating. The food was great as always!

In the front there is my green bean casserole I made. It's a recipe I found on and it's made without cream of mushroom soup. As I've told you before, I hate mushrooms. So, green bean casserole is a bit of a nemesis for me because there are lots of little pieces of mushrooms in it. But, this recipe calls for fresh mushrooms that I was able to slice into nice large slices and avoid easily. It worked out perfectly. Everyone who liked mushrooms had them and I didn't have to eat them. And the hubs, who doesn't really care for green bean casserole, loved it! It wasn't even too complicated, seriously, go here and check it out. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Not long after we started eating, my adorable niece woke up and joined us. Even though she was in the next room, it's incomplete without her there. Once she woke up a little bit, she started telling everyone "hi". The hubs was sitting at the opposite end of the table so she was frequently saying "hi, Uncle John." It was very cute!

Of course, after we finished eating we all just hung out a bit at the table enjoying each other's company.

At one point, Parker decided she wanted to hold both Lee and Lindsay's hands. A lot of times she'll just  come up and say "hand". Most of the time she wants to walk with you somewhere, but you always feel so special when she asks!

And of course, after we finished eating, she wanted to play. She had Memaw down on the floor playing and I made sure to grab a quick picture of them.

Then it was time to go outside. It was a beautiful day and Parker had a new bubble maker to show us. She got it in her Easter basket and of course it was lots of fun.

And of course there was time for snuggles with her momma.

Now, something peculiar about this girl, is she like to eat bubbles. I've never seen it before but she'll take the lid to the bubbles and just lick the top of strange. But that's ok, I still love her!

And as you can imagine, no one was more photographed than this sweet girl in her adorable Easter dress. Everyone was always trying to get a picture of her!

Seriously, is she not the cutest kid ever? (If you disagree, you can just keep that to yourself. ;)

And here's the last picture trying to get her picture up against the fence. But she was having none of it!

We had a great day and enjoyed getting to spend it with our family!

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