Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dining Room Dreams

Recently I've begun thinking about how I want to decorate our next apartment and dreaming how I would decorate it if money were no object. Here's What I'm imagining for our dining room.

one // two // three // four // five // six
1) This is actually the dining table we already own and I love it. It's perfect for apartment living and gorgeous.

2) I saw these chairs at Pier One and fell in love. Ever since then, I've been wanting them for our dining room. What can I say, they are just so lush and amazing. And I love the pattern on the back of the chairs.

3) I feel that the room needs a bit of greenery and I think topiaries will be perfect. They'll add a little height to balance out the other pieces and a bit of color.

4) This chalkboard is gorgeous, and it adds some weight to the room that's needed. Plus, it'll be such fun place to leave little messages.

5) When I saw these jars I just pictured them on this cabinet. It seemed like it would be nice and I really liked them.

6) This is the piece I've been imagining for months. I saw this just generally browsing online and I knew it was going to be the statement piece of the house. It's a mirrored cabinet and it will be wonderful in the room. Hopefully one day I can get it!

So, that's the first idea board I'm making for our future apartment. Who knows when were going to get our next apartment and who knows when I can get these pieces or similar pieces, but in the meantime, this girl is dreaming and she's dreaming big!

What are you dreaming of for your home currently?

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