Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Phoenix in the Ashes

I struggle daily with what to do with my blog. I miss it. I miss coming into this little piece of the web and writing. It's my home. It's the one place that I can deck out in pink if I want. It's the one place I can say what's on my mind. It's my one creative outlet.

And yet, I'm avoiding it. I don't post much and then I feel bad because I'm not posting enough and, well you get it. All those insecurities I have of not being enough - and yet being too much appears. What a cruel world it is to be a woman.

I've always blogged about my life. The things the hubs and I are up to. The places we go, the things we see, the people who mean the most to us. But, we've been living a pretty quiet life and so those things are few and far between. Travel especially, and I LOVE blogging about traveling. It seriously makes me the happiest. But, now as life is being redefined, I'm having to redefine this blog.

Since we don't go places much, and things are overall pretty quiet in our world, I'm going to be writing about some new things. While this will always be a place for me to write about our life, in whatever capacity I desire, I'm adding something new, something truly me. My deeper thoughts on issues. Hopefully they aren't too controversial and exclude people, instead I hope we find ourselves having amazing discussions.

You see, I have several things that lead me to deeper thoughts. School does, constantly. I am always reading something interesting for my classes. And since many of my classes discuss feminism this semester, you can imagine, I'm growing and developing opinions. But, I think the best way to truly develop an opinion is to discuss them. So, I want to share my ideas and hear your ideas.

Another thing that leads me to deep thinking is reading. I seriously love to read. And I got a Kindle for my birthday, so that's just leading me to read more than ever. And now, I want a place to discuss the books I'm reading. And I want to hear about what you're reading so I can diversify my interests. So, I want to start talking more about reading on my blog.

And finally, I find myself often times contemplating God, Christ, and the amazing love he has for me. And how I fail him so much ever day. But, I'm wanting to start growing in this area again. And shortly, I want to share more of my story and why I am where I am. And I want to hear your thoughts. I want to hear how you grow with God.

I've often felt this blog was purposeless when I wasn't writing about my life. That was the entire point of this blog. Without anything interesting in my life, there wasn't anything to put on this blank canvas, but now, I want to do more with my blog, and I'm longing to tell you all about it. It's going to be crazy as I start writing again, but I want to spell out my new purpose.

I'm tired of living in a world where women are constantly told they are not enough and yet, somehow, too much at the same time. I'm tired of being viewed as an object when all of those views see me as less than the spectacular, amazing woman I am. And I want this blog to become a place where other women can come and be supported in being their spectacular, amazing selves, even if I only have one other person out there, it will be worth it.

Follow along this new journey, help create this place, but most of all, remember how wonderful, amazing, and spectacular you are.

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