Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A New Semester

There are so many things to tell y'all and hopefully I can start blogging at least once a week - on Wednesday afternoons, like tonight. Now, it's time to get you caught up on  life. Nothing life changing is going on but, life is still happening. So, here we go.

I guess first we'll talk about school because that's really the biggest thing going on in my life. Actually, that will probably be the extent of this post because I have oh so much to say!

Way back in November I set up the perfect schedule. It looked something like this:

  • 10:00AM - 10:50AM, MWF, Sociology - The Family
  • 11:00AM - 11:50AM, MWF, Sociology - Perspectives on Women, Gender and Sexuality
  • 12:00PM - 12:50PM, MWF, English - Gender and Fairy Tales
  • 1:00PM - 1:50PM, MWF, Women and Gender Studies (WGS) - Intro to WGS
  • 6:00PM - 8:45PM, W, French - Basic French II
This schedule was perfect. And then I realized, I was the only person who was signing up for that French class. I quickly saw the writing on the wall and dropped the class. Because I KNEW I would never go to school for just one class on Tuesday/Thursday for French, I added another class as well, Ethics. 

And then I went to all of my class.

And started panicking.

There was no way I was going to be able to do all of the work required for this class! NO WAY. I had 6 or 7 papers I would be writing and over 500 pages a week of reading to do. The numbers didn't work. I wasn't going to be able to do it all. So, I quickly came up with another plan.

First, I dropped French and Ethics. I couldn't drop one and not the other and those were the most flexible ones to drop. So, they both went adios. And then I added Urban Transit History in the Wednesday night slot.

And it was perfect.

And exactly like the original schedule.

And I'm SO excited for the class. I took History of New Orleans with the professor last semester and really enjoyed his class. Now, this class is a little different as it's a 4000 level course (Senior level) and this professor is very laid back with his class. There are NO tests (yay!) but a couple of papers. But, all of the information is based on your interests. For instance, his syllabus is incomplete and will be filled in with readings that pertain to students interests. So, I really think I'm going to enjoy this class.

The funny thing though, by adding this class I'll have 15 hours in history courses on my transcript. That's one course short of a minor...guess I'll at least get that. But, that got me to thinking...maybe I'll double major.  I'm almost halfway, I'm going to go talk to an adviser soon about that. See if it's worth it. But really, why not?

So, there's my school life currently. As you  might have seen on Instagram - I'm already studying like a mad women. Hope y'all are doing well!

*****Also, a quick note to add. If you or someone you know is a college student and owns a Mac and/or iPhone, I have to suggest they look into the iStudiez app. (Sadly, it is not designed for Android.) Seriously, It is an amazing way to organize your college career and have it on the go. The Mac app is $10 and the iPhone app is $3 and worth EVERY penny!! Definitely check it out!!*****

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


With the new year I've spent some time considering what I want 2013 to look like. What do I want to accomplish? Do I want to set resolutions? How am I going to make 2013 the best year ever?

And I finally decided, kind of on accident, that I want to go with the "word of year" plan.

And my word of the year: Contentment.

You see I'd reached a point, I was unhappy with a few different things in my life. After passing the year mark of living with my in-laws, not getting to go to LSU, and a bunch of other little things on top of it all, I was having a difficult time of keeping things in perspective. So, this year's goal is to find contentment and make the best of everything.

Currently, I'm right on track.

One of my biggest frustrations in particular about living with my in-laws (outside of the generally living with my in-laws) was our bedroom. It was seriously wall-to-wall furniture. We don't have closet doors, so I could always see our clothes and everything stored in the closet. And we have more stuff than our room can hold. Seriously, it's hard living out of a single bedroom. A single bedroom I spend most of my day in.

After deciding to be content where I am, I've started trying to take control of the situation. Step one was rearrange the furniture! I moved things around so my desk is in front of a window instead of our dresser, and it really opened the room much as possible! And I got some curtains for our closet "door". And I started getting rid of some things and reorganizing others. My last step is going to be getting our pictures and artwork out of our storage unit and hanging them in our room.

I was in a state of limbo internally. I wasn't going to be leaving this room in the immediate future but I wasn't settling in either. I decided to settle in. I decided I'd had enough and grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns. This is going to be our space. It's where I live. And now, it's mine. And at least I can see out the window. That makes a big difference!

So, there you go, 2013, I'm already more content than last year!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Weightloss Diaries { vol 4 }

Starting Weight: 236 lbs. October 15, 2012
Current Weight: 227.5 lbs. Today
Total Weightloss: 8.5 lbs lost.
Goal Weight: 132 lbs.

Wow...I made it through the holidays with a weight loss!!  Let's talk about it!

Week 1: NO Fast Food
I've really been working hard...but not working at all on this one. Hubs and I talked about this after he suggested fast food the other day. I haven't been eating any fast food. Like, not a single bite in the past few weeks. None. And no temptation even. But, I know in my heart of hearts, the second I eat fast food, it's going to be all I can think about. So, we're not even going to try it. No fast food. And he's wonderfully and graciously accepted it. The man is wonderful! I'm VERY happy with how this part is going!
Week 2: Only 1 Coke a Day
I have still been sticking to just one coke a day, but I'm starting to get a little lax mentally with it. I'm not having more than one coke a day, but it's kind of been by accident. I haven't been intentional with it. Maybe it's starting to become habit? That would be awesome. But, I'd like to stay a little more intentional with this so I don't slip up!
Week 3: Drink 2 Bottles of Water a Day
Eep...this needs some work...I was getting there, but have slipped off the wagon a bit. Starting today, me and water are going to become best buddies!
Week 4: Eat out only 1 day per week.
Week 5: No Eating after 8PM.

This week I'm going to start actively working on Week 3's goal. I can't wait!

Other Goal 1: Read Made To Crave
I've started reading it. And it's AMAZING! Seriously, my thinking on food is starting to change!! I can't wait to keep reading it!
Other Goal 2: Read Low GI Book. 
I've been a little lax on this goal, focusing instead on the spiritual aspect of my weight loss journey. I think this will be postponed again until after the spring semester of school ends.
Other Goal 3: Take "Before" pictures
Other Goal 4: Take "Before" measurements
Other Goal 5: Create an eating plan for the semester before school starts.

Let's take a look at how I did for Christmas:

Christmas Goal 1: Portion Control is of the utmost importance. I don't want to eat in one meal what I should eat in 2 or 3. If I want more food, I can always get more when I'm hungry again. Also, at Thanksgiving I ate a very reasonable amount of food and I found I enjoyed the food much more than if I had eaten gluttonously. It was like each bite was more special.
I did great on this. I ate my food and didn't gorge myself. Very successful indeed!!!
Christmas Goal 2: Only eat one roll. I had 2 at Thanksgiving and fact of the matter is, the second roll just wasn't worth it.
I did great on this too! I only ate my one roll and it was delicious!! 
Christmas Goal 3: Preferably NO cokes but DEFINITELY no more than ONE. I don't want to go "hog-wild."
And, I was successful again! I didn't have any cokes on Christmas Day!

Wow. I have a lot more to say about the holidays! I wanted to stick to my standard format, but there is so much to this weight loss and I'm SOOOO proud of it! You see, the Friday after Thanksgiving we had friends from North Carolina come in town. They were here for almost a week and we were going and eating out like crazy. When they got there, I had already learned I'd lost weight through Christmas day and I wasn't in the mood to sabotage myself, so I stuck to my guns the whole time they were here! We went for pizza, I ate a salad with my pizza. We went to Zea, I skipped the corn grits (SO HARD!) and went for soup (the least healthy thing I ate!), salad and broccoli. When fast food was on the menu, I went for left overs in the fridge instead. I even managed to control how many beignets I had! And, best of all, limited myself to just one, small slice of king cake. Boy was that hard! But, I did it. The whole time, I kept telling myself, I'm not going to sabotage myself. I'm not going to let all my hard work go to wast, and here we are. With a weight LOSS during the holidays and essentially vacation! I'm so proud of myself!

I've also set myself up for success through next week. I went grocery shopping and have planned some healthy dinners! Pizza night to be supplemented with veggies. Delicious soups that have veggies in them. Taco salad for myself on taco night. Healthy snacks and a desire to change for the future. I know I'm going to do it! This time is going to be different!!

Finally, I decided on my first weight loss reward. Once I've lost an additional 20-25 pounds, I'm going to go jean shopping. But, I'm going to go get some nice jeans. The jeans I've never owned because their expensive. But, I'm going to get a pair. You see, at that weight loss point, I'll have finally dropped into "regular" sizes from "plus" sizes for the first time in YEARS. It's going to be quite a celebration! There'll be plenty more weight loss to go, but I'll look good doing it! I'm really excited for this goal!

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