Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

From our home to yours, have a great Christmas with your family! I can't wait to hear all about your Christmas festivities soon!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

College Vox Box Review

Yeah, this is a little late...sorry! I do think it's a little odd that they didn't send the college box a bit before or a bit after finals...by the time I got mine, I was busy studying away...so instead, you'll get a quick review of a couple of the products in my box. I didn't get any pictures of the products in use - sorry!

NYC New York Color Glitter Eye Liner: Seriously, this was great. I didn't love the glitter in it. I felt like I was back in jr. high, but it went on so easily! Even the glitter came out of it. I've used the E.L.F. eye liner pencil, it didn't go on very easily, but the NYC one did. I'm actually going to go buy a regular black one after my Urban Decay one is gone. I think it'll be my new standard eye liner. Definitely worth trying!

Pentel EnerGel-X Pen: The particular pen I got was GREAT! I love a good gel pen. But, I've used the EnerGel pens many times in my life and about 25% of the time their product skips! I wan't to whole heartedly recommend the product but I just can't! But, I will definitely consider buying another pen to try it out again. Maybe Pentel will change my mind!

The rest of my products just didn't excite me enough to blog about, but here you go!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Weightloss Diaries { vol 3 }

Starting Weight: 236 lbs. October 15, 2012
Current Weight: 229.5 lbs. Today
Total Weightloss: 6.5 lbs lost.
Goal Weight: 132 lbs.

Now, let's take a look at how things have been going the past couple of the weeks.

Week 1: NO Fast Food
Wow. I'm trying to think about the past few weeks. I did treat myself to chicken nuggets and french fries from Chick-Fil-A after I finished with finals. It was a treat and it's all I had. I also had Wendy's while I was studying for finals. BUT, I skipped the hamburger and went for a salad and chili. Then, I ALMOST had fast food a couple days ago, Wendy's, but I didn't do it. I was on my way home from Whole Foods and I was so hungry and more than anything - thirsty. And I had more stops to make before going home, so I stopped at Wendy's. I was going to get 5 chicken nuggets and a tea. I was really controlling what I was going to get. But, when I ordered they told me they were out of tea! So, instead of going for the coke I just left. You see, I had a revelation in that moment. I was sitting in a car full of GOOD food and I was going to eat fast food? How absurd! So, I pulled a grocery bag up to the front seat and ate some grapes. They were nice and juicy so they were both a food and helped to quench my thirst. I managed to get home without further incident. The big deal about that decision is it was 7pm. I don't usually make good choices like that in the evening when I haven't been paying super attention all day. (Let's face it, I was AT Wendy's!)
Week 2: Only 1 Coke a Day
This has been interesting. It's really been an average. If we don't go out to eat, I'm generally not tempted to drink cokes. But, if we're eating out, I REALLY want a coke. I'm generally averaging one coke a day. Now that things are settling down a bit, I'm about to focus more on this goal again. The good news is, I haven't reverted to my old ways of drinking a ton of cokes. And I don't find that I'm really hankering for them for the most part. 
Week 3: Drink 2 Bottles of Water a Day
While I haven't been actively trying to do this, I have started on the right direction unintentionally. Since I'm not drinking a lot of cokes, when I get thirsty, I drink water. I also started keeping a spare bottle of water (I use Camel Backs for water) in the fridge so I always have the option of cold water. I REALLY prefer cold water. This has helped me to start drinking water more regularly.
Week 4: Eat out only 1 day per week.
Week 5: No Eating after 8PM.

I haven't been working too hard on my goals right now. But, I'm pretty proud of myself anyways. I haven't reverted back to eating a ton of fast food and drinking a bunch of cokes. My desire is to change my habits for life. That in a month I haven't gone back to the really bad decisions I used to make (and really, eating fast food multiple times a week and drinking a ton of cokes are both really bad decisions) makes me really happy. It says I'm starting to make lifestyle changes.

Other Goal 1: Read Made To Crave
I found my books!! They were in a box they weren't supposed to be in. But, what we're focusing on that it's all back! I am going to start reading it shortly now that it's here. I'm figuring after Christmas.
Other Goal 2: Read Low GI Book. 
I've read a chapter already. I'm reading it slowly, taking notes, highlighting, etc. I really want to take all the information in and learn it. And since I'm not to the point I'm wanting to apply it yet, there's no real rush. So, slowly and surely I'm reading away!
Other Goal 3: Take "Before" pictures
Other Goal 4: Take "Before" measurements
Other Goal 5: Create an eating plan for the semester before school starts.

The big goals for me regarding weightloss right now are regarding Christmas dinner. Here they are:

Christmas Goal 1: Portion Control is of the utmost importance. I don't want to eat in one meal what I should eat in 2 or 3. If I want more food, I can always get more when I'm hungry again. Also, at Thanksgiving I ate a very reasonable amount of food and I found I enjoyed the food much more than if I had eaten gluttonously. It was like each bite was more special.
Christmas Goal 2: Only eat one roll. I had 2 at Thanksgiving and fact of the matter is, the second roll just wasn't worth it.
Christmas Goal 3: Preferably NO cokes but DEFINITELY no more than ONE. I don't want to go "hog-wild."

So, there's the goals for Christmas. I will report back shortly! Do you have any goals for being healthy for Christmas dinner? Share them so we can all help each other stick to our goals!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

And, That's a Wrap!!!

Well, I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. But, finals have a way of controlling 2 weeks of your life for studying and then more time as your brain returns to it's previous state of not Jello. And then I've been babysitting my adorable niece a lot the past couple of weeks. So, I haven't been blogging. Not one bit. I have a huge goal this Christmas Break: make a blogging plan for next semester. Which includes but is not limited to, scheduling posts ahead of time for mid-terms and finals so I don't disappear on y'all again!

But, what matters now is the Fall 2012 semester is officially over and all of my grades have been posted. And my grades turned out something like this:
Ok, so to say I'm ridiculously proud of this semester is an understatement!!! I can't believe I made 4 As!!!  I really expected one more B in there but I'm not complaining in the the least!  And, to top it off, I made the Dean's List this semester!! Woot!!

After such a great semester, me and my new friend Cassey decided to hit the town and have fun for the night! But, first we met at her apartment, had some nice adult beverages and played some Just Dance 3 on the wii before heading out!

Then, it was off to hibachi! Yum! This is only my second time EVER going to hibachi and it was fun. And SO delicious!
Fried Rice!! Yum!

Cassey and me!
After enjoying our dinner we wanted something else to do. We figured we could get some drinks at a bar, but we instead headed to Harrah's. You see, we could drink for free and maybe win some money...sadly, I didn't win any money, but I still had a lot of fun playing penny slots!

Now, I'm all ready for Christmas. I have all of the presents wrapped and under the tree, except two, and my Christmas cards are mailed. I'm so excited for the rest of Christmas break! I have big plans!!

  • Meet up with my friend Tressie for coffee and photography fun!
  • Take LOTS of photos!
  • Make gumbo - I make a delicious gumbo and after Christmas, once it's cold, it'll be gumbo time!
  • Read, Read READ!!! 
  • Organize our storage unit! And my iTunes. And my iPhoto.
So, those are the big things. If I accomplish those, it'll be a great Christmas break! And so far, I'm going in the right direction - starting with this blog post. I'm working on more posts and I can't wait to post plenty before the semester starts - and plenty more once it does start!

Enjoy your last weekend before Christmas, best of luck on all of your Christmas shopping, and make sure to spend some time with the ones that you love!

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