Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weightloss Diaries { vol 2 }

Starting Weight: 236 lbs. October 15, 2012
Current Weight: 232 lbs. Today
Total Weightloss: 4 lbs lost.
Goal Weight: 132 lbs.

Now, let's take a look at how things have been going the past couple of the weeks.

Week 1: NO Fast Food
I'm actually really happy about how this has been going. I have had pizza a couple of times but I've always limited myself to no more than 3 pieces and I even paired it with a salad one time. I'm really happy with this. For me, fast food is things like McDonalds hamburgers and Burger King. I've had Chipotle a couple of times and I don't count that. Their food is made fresh, it's not frozen, and they don't process the food a lot. I even saw them getting ready to shred their own cheese. I've stopped getting the burrito and instead get a bowl. The last time, I even made them put less rice in it. And I get the mild salsa because it's diced tomatoes and onions. I also had Chick-Fil-A twice. Both times though, I controlled what I ate instead of letting the food control me. The first time I went in and ordered the chargrilled sandwich and got a fruit cup for the side. I wasn't even tempted to get something fried. The second time, today, I got the same sandwich. But, the Chick-Fil-A at school doesn't do fruit cups. I didn't really want the lettuce and tomato salad option that they had, but instead of giving into the french fries, which I really wanted, I made a second stop to get a fruit cup from another food place at the school. Sure it took more time, but I'm REALLY proud that I put in the extra effort to keep eating healthy
Week 2: Only 1 Coke a Day
Ok, I really, really thought this would be so much harder than it has been. How I'm handling this is one coke is one glass from wherever I am. Some places serve a smaller coke than other places so instead of worrying about how much I'm drinking from each serving, I just don't get refills. This is a HUGE deal for me. I'm notorious for drinking 2 or 3 32 ounce cokes in a single sitting. That's unbelievable now, but it was so common for me I didn't think about it. Now, I don't even always finish a coke if it's a large one. I even have days like today where I don't drink a single coke at all!!! Even on Thanksgiving I skipped the coke and went for tea. Sure it was sweet tea, but the point is to stop drinking 64 ounces of coke in a day. And at that, I've been quite successful!
Week 3: Drink 2 Bottles of Water a Day
Week 4: No Eating after 8PM.

Now, I'm not worrying about weeks 3 and 4 yet. This week I am spending all day at school studying for finals which are next week. It's going to be a challenge to stay on track for weeks 1 and 2 at this point. So, my focus is to continue not eating fast food and not drinking a bunch of cokes.

I was already studying for school so my WONDERFUL hubs went with my grocery list to Whole Foods today and picked up all of my things for lunch. I made the decision to spend a little extra money to buy prepackaged individual servings. By doing this, I'll be able to take my lunch and dinner and snacks to school every day. This will help me stay on track for the week with my first couple of goals!

Other Goal 1: Read Made To Crave
My book went missing. Seriously. No idea where it went. Along with a very expensive cook book. And one of my Beth Moore bible studies. I am hoping to find it soon, if not I'm going to have to reorder it...ugh!
Other Goal 2: Read Low GI Book. 
Oh my goodness, I want to read this, but, it's going to have to wait just a couple more weeks. Once the semester is over, I'm going to DEVOUR (pun intended ;) this book! You know, since I still know where it is!
Other Goal 3: Take "Before" pictures
Other Goal 4: Take "Before" measurements

Well, I guess that covers the big stuff right now! I'll update you again after finals and let you know how things have gone!

Also, please forgive in advance, I probably won't be posting much in the next couple of weeks...I'm going to be surviving finals. And then, updates galore...like about Thanksgiving...but again, after finals!!!

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