Friday, November 9, 2012

The Weightloss Diaries { vol 1 }

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Today I'm starting a series that I'm planning on doing every other week, "The Weightloss Diaries." I'm trying to lose weight and need somewhere to hold myself accountable and this little piece of the internet is a good starting place. So, be prepared for some updates and hopefully I'll lose this weight!

Starting Weight: 236 lbs. October 15, 2012
Current Weight: 233 lbs. Today
Goal Weight: 132 lbs.

So, there's the numbers. I have just a bit over 100 pounds I want to lose. I'm very excited to lose the weight, but more than anything I want to start getting healthy.

I want to eat healthier, and be healthier. And right now, I'm taking slow. I've tried things like Weight Watchers and have found that even though I was still allowed to eat pretty freely, I hate the sudden change from eating whatever I want to eating only healthy things. So, I'm trying a different plan right now.

Week 1: NO Fast Food
Week 2: Only 1 Coke a Day
Week 3: Drink 2 Bottles of Water a Day
Week 4: No Eating after 8PM.

Now, I've done weeks one through three already, but I've kind of slipped up on them and want to start over. I had gotten as low as 231 lbs. along the way but have gained 2 lbs. back. So, I'm going back to the beginning and trying again. So, starting today - a Friday - I'm returning to week 1 and cutting out fast food. Since I started this post after school today and I already had fast food for lunch so, that means no fast food starting with dinner.

I know that a week of exams really threw me off so in just a few weeks when finals roll around I'm going to be prepared for that. But for now, my goal is to get a handle on these four things.

Other Goal 1: Read Made To Crave
Other Goal 2: Read Low GI Book. 

I think these are plenty of goals for the next month or so. They'll definitely help get on track for next year!! Oh, and it's going to be a lot of work since the holidays are coming up soon but I'm going to do my best! 

P.S.: I just got back from dinner with the hubs, and I'm glad to say that  went for salad and soup and a pancake for dinner instead of the usual highly fried food I go for. Was it perfect? Nope. But was it a better choice. And that makes me happy!


Robin said...

You can do it, my friend! <3 you and miss you bunches!

Melissa Venable said...

Girl, let's help each other. I MUST get back on track! And i keep failing. :( Do you read my WL blog? I can't remember, but think you do? It's Anyway, i have a new Low GI book i have been putting off reading. I read Made to Crave but need to read it again. And my goal right now is 200 pounds. Then i'll start again to get to the ultimate goal! 200 pounds still means i have 60 to lose. Yikes!

We can do it! :)

Laura said...

As I read this post I thought "you sound just like my friend Melissa!" Then I saw her comment below. I don't remember how I found your blog... I'm guessing Mel suggested it to me at one time. Maybe ha! But I'm glad you already know she exists because I was going to tell you you should check out her blog... because your goals are so similar! :) Good luck to you!!

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