Monday, November 12, 2012

Nine Loves

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{ one }
Blogging! Yeah, yeah, yeah. You've heard this from me. But, it still rings so true!

{ two }
The hubs. Kind of obvious I guess, but I seriously love him and could never imagine leaving him off this list. Let's face it, when a guy dresses up like a pink bunny so you can have an awesome couples costume, he earns every good thing you can ever say about him!

{ three }
Music. It has so much power. Nothing helps improve my day like jamming to a great song, singing as loud as I can as I drive faster than I should. It's might be more therapeutic than therapy!

{ four }
Erin Condren Planner. I use my ECP for everything from school work, to remembering when I'm babysiting my niece, to keeping track of what I'm eating. It's one of the best things I've ever bought and I am always so thankful for it when I know about my tests earlier rather than later!

{ five }
Sociology. So far being a sociology major has made my life better! I seriously love it!

{ six }
Movies. I'm currently watching Midnight in Paris and it's just one of those movies that makes me love cinema all of over again! Movies are up where with music for helping me relax. When school is overwhelming nothing helps me to relax like going to the theater, getting a popcorn and coke and watching a movie. It's amazing!

{ seven }
iPhone 5. I love my iPhone 5. I waited about as patiently as I possibly could and it was love when I got it in my hands it was pure love. I have a really liked it so far and only found a couple of things from my Android that I miss, and they're all minor things. So, it's really love!

{ eight }
Family. They make life better despite (or because?) of the craziness and spice they offer. Family is such an amazing thing and I absolutely love them!

{ nine }
Friends. I love my friends and the relationships I have with each one. There's something so special about the people who choose to love me, not because they have to but because the want to. I don't take any of them for granted!

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