Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm One of THOSE Bloggers Now

Yep. One of those bloggers who can only seem to post "sorry it's been so long but..." I'm one of those bloggers I would put in my "lazy bloggers" category in google reader. I'm one of those bloggers who hasn't blogged in two weeks.

But, we're going with it right now, because I don't want to walk away from my piece of the internet and this is what I can offer.

Sorry it's been so long but, I'm crazy busy.

If I said cray-cray (is that fad over? really?...oops...) I'd say I've been "cray-cray" busy. And, that's the truth.

Proof of the craziness.
Yes, my homework on the 11th filled 2 boxes in my EC planner.

I'm taking 15 hours at school this semester. And one of those classes is Women's Literature. Which honestly, is really interesting. But, little known fact about me, I SUCK with literature. I just do. So, that sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning I just read? Yes I worked on it for an hour. Because yes, that's how long it took me to work through it. Oh, and that's an improvement. From when I used to work on it for an hour, still have no clue and just finally give up. I'm counting the blessings here.

So, between that and all of my other classes and oh, that little rainstorm (a.k.a: Hurricane Isaac) which totally messed up all of the progress I made, I feel like I never stop studying. And, if I never stop studying that means I never blog. It's a very sad conundrum. Hopefully this weekend I finally get things in order...and by order I mean, exactly where I need to be to get everything done just barely on-time. Also, hopefully, I can start writing some blog posts.

But, do you really want to keep hearing about the hour I spent on a single sonnet? The posts would go something like this:
Today I was reading a sonnet. And I couldn't get it. Seriously, it used words like "pulses" instead of "excitements." And "Peradventure" instead of "perhaps" so I spent twenty minutes of that hour looking up definitions on so I could understand the author's elevated diction which in turn helped me understand the metaphor and allegories the author was using to make their point on women's rights.

Oh, you don't want to read that? Yeah, neither do I. Honestly, I don't really want to write that either. I'm kind of sick of even thinking about it at this point. Haha. The problem? I'm not doing anything interesting in my life right now. All I'm doing is studying. Now that I think about it, maybe blogging breaks would help me. I'm already feeling a little burnt out. Maybe that's how I'll justify regaling y'all with my tales of University of New Orleans education.

And, I've tried to blog. I really want to put that out there too, as part of my "please forgive me for being a horrible blogger" post. I've started about 10 different posts and just didn't feel inspired. Even after working on a great 30 second clip showing Hurricane Isaac passing by. Ah, the wind, the rain, the electric outages. But, I still couldn't pull a post together. Like I said, uninspired.

So, this is what you're getting. Me, saying sorry. And also letting you know, I'm not walking away from this blog. I think I'm going to set some new blog goals. My old ones were great, but they don't fit with my life as a full time student and need to be revamped. If you want to keep up with me between posts, here's a few key places to check.

Twitter: Where you can learn about that one time I was looking at a picture of a statue of a woman in the nude for school at a coffeeshop. #awkward.

Instagram: Where you can see me wear my fuzzy socks and flip flops to the bathroom while taking a break from looking at the aforementioned nude-woman-statue. (my username is bettyb1114)

Me being oh-so-stylish!

And soon, you'll see me with my new iPhone 5 that I'm going to be ordering on Friday. Maybe I'll take a picture of me and my iPhone and post it for you in 2 weeks. It seems like that'll be right on target for my next post. (haha - bad blogger joke...hehe...forgive me!)

Also, forgive this post that was written at 2:00AM under the influence of sleepiness, heartburn, and burnt-out-study-brain.

And, finally, I'll end with this. You, my readers can help me out of my slump. Feel free to ask me a question, any question in the comments below. You have to wonder something about me you would love me to tell you all about!


Jessica Renee said...

You are seriously rocking the socks + flip flop look!! haha. I can imagine how busy you are with school!

Since i'm in birthday mode, when's yours?
How did you meet your honey?
Favorite place to shop?

I'm sure I could search your blog for the answers but just answer them anyway ;)

Melissa said...

Aw! Hang in there, girl! You will make it! And your blog readers will still be here! :) :)

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