Friday, August 24, 2012

Working Hard...

So, I've finished the first week of school.

And it's going great!

I'm loving my classes, and even added another one, bringing me to 15 hours for the semester. The class I added is History of New Orleans and I'm so excited about it. Not being from the New Orleans area there are a lot of things about the area I don't know, although, there is a lot I do know. And the crazy part about this class? The Hubs took a couple of graduate classes with my professor when he was working on his Masters. And, the Hubs happened to be taking one of his classes when we were dating. I came into town to visit but he had class so I just joined him for his class and the class I joined him for happened to be one of the classes he was taking with my new professor. Such a small world! And the professor even remembered me after I introduced myself too him.

Other then that, school is a lot of work this semester. I've got tons of reading to do, a couple of papers, a couple of projects, plays to see, French to learn. It's a lot of coming straight home to study and working hard. But, I'm enjoying it!

Just as an update on my last post, yes by the time you read it, everything was in order. And I'm actually really happy with the changes to the room. I'm liking having an actual desk (I was using a dining table...)

My last thing to do is catch up on sleep this weekend. This week was just off. I'm not sure what happened but I can't wait to get into a better routine.

Now, I'm off to go back to studying. I need to go practice saying "what's your name?" in French.


Laura said...

haha... Love will make a person do strange things... like sitting in on a class just because that's where lover boy is. :)

Love it!

Carissa said...

Sounds like a great first week!

Je suis carissa. comment allez-vous? ;)

Melissa said...

So glad it's going well so far!!! :)

Katie said...

Oooh fun! I read a Frommer's New Orleans book when we visited and they had TON of history of New Orleans, that should be really interesting!
Carissa, I believe that's "how are you doing"?
"Je m'appelle" is "my name is" and "Comment t'appelles tu" is "what's your name?"
We always learned "Je suis" as "I am" more for things like "I am American" or "I am a girl" rather than introducing your name.

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