Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Today, as I'm getting back in the habit of blogging, I'm starting out with something easy, a link up. Sunday Social to be exact! I really enjoy this link up because I like how it gives something of a little substance to talk about. So, here's my post for this week.

What were you like in middle school/HS?
Ah, those awkward middle school years...I felt like a total social outcast. I didn't have a lot of friends and I was never "popular." I was boy crazy and had a different crush every week. I was also slightly, ok a lot obnoxious. I wasn't good at sports and my best friend from elementary school was and I saw myself loose her friendship. But, despite it all, I made some of the best friends a girl can have during those years and except for one, I still keep up with them all.

High School was pretty much an extension of junior high (that's we we called...middle school sounds odd to me...) I was a band nerd by this point, then I joined choir. And yet, I'm not extremely gifted musically. I was still the dismay of Cupcake and Hona-Hona. Yes, those are nicknames. I was Twinkie. I took pretty much all advanced placement classes in high school and was in the history club but I wasn't a nerd.  I pretty much felt like I was involved in different groups but not accepted in them. Maybe I was, I don't know but I didn't feel like it.

I'm in the red shirt.
This is from Project Grad and it's the only HS photo of me on facebook.
Maybe one day I'll find more to scare you with!
(Borrowed from a friend's facebook.)

What were your favorite past times?
Well, I was totally a band nerd and a choir geek. And those were great times. I had a group of band friends and we all had a nickname from the Disney Princesses and from Barbie. I was Belle and Barbie herself. One of the girls was Teen Skipper and I seriously didn't know her real name for months! I finally had to ask Midge what her name was...and I still struggled with it for awhile! In choir I was part of the Three Muskateers. My high school (a good ole small town Texas high school) did a thing called Junior Girls/Senior Women. our job was to help promote school spirit by making posters for one of the football players lockers. It was a lot of fun and involved a lot of glitter. And what is more fun than girl friends, gossip and glitter?

What songs were you obsessed with?
Ah, music. Pretty much anything on the top 40s station. Who else in Houston listened to 104.1 KRBE like crazy in the Houston area? Just me? Ok. But, Hey, Ya or Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture was a definite fave. I was totally in love with Usher Yeah and Confessions Part II. Not to mention Goodies. And, I was a country music freak. So bad. Still am...guess that hasn't changed. Now, I absolutely hated (and still do honestly) Santana's songs Smooth, Black Magic Woman and Oye Como Va. We marched to them in band my freshman year and after playing the songs nearly a thousand times - I can't stand them!

What fashion statement do you look back on and cringe?
There are 2 that I personally wore. First, the really baggy t-shirt. I seriously went through a phase where I wore an x-large t-shirt...when I should have been wearing a small, medium tops. I don't know what I was thinking. I also did this hair style - I hope you can imagine this - I would part my hair in half down the middle. Then I would part it in half again around the ear horizontally so my hair was now in fourths. Then, I would take the top part on each side and put it in a messy bun and I would braid the bottom half on each side. Of all the stupid things I could have worn, that is what my parents let me walk out of the house wearing...sigh.

Who was your celeb crush?
Wow...I don't really remember...let me think...I guess Usher was...he still is...I don't remember...I'll research this for you...

What were your favorite TV shows/movies?
Gone With The Wind, Titanic and Beauty and the Beast have always been favorites. So definitely those. I even did a speech on Gone With The Wind in my speech class in high school. TV shows would have included Sister, Sister, Full House and 7th Heaven. Monk should probably make this list too.  


LWLH said...

I was def. on the Usher train back then and I think Lil :)

Victoria said...

sister,sister how could i forget that one?! :)

monk,fun show that was!

happy sunday!

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