Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School

First, to those of y'all who commented on my post about not going to LSU, thank you so much. Your encouragement really helped me and I feel much better now!

At first I couldn't imagine looking at anything LSU ever again. (Dramatic much?) But, I've had a bit of a mind set change. We both prayed and felt the right thing to do was to stay in New Orleans. And while I don't want LSU stuff everywhere (that can make me sad) I'm not worried about a few things, namely my new Erin Condren planner. I'm choosing to look at it as my own personal rainbow. A reminder of God's faithfulness and that he will take care of us and he has a plan far better than we've ever imagined. So, when I look at it, I don't see what I can't have, but that God has something so much better for me.

So, with my new mindset, it was time to get everything in order for school here in New Orleans. Since I was going to be at LSU, I didn't spend the time changing everything with UNO. After a couple days of accepting everything it was time to head to UNO. I officially changed my major with the school, I went for advising with the College of Liberal Arts and scheduled my classes. My books are purchased and school supplies are bought. I even got a desk (the $30 Wal-Mart special) that will do double duty as a great place to paint my nails! (Hubs, pretend you didn't just read that ;) )

All I have left to do now (I'm writing this on Saturday. Hopefully when you read this, all of this is done...haha!) is to clean our bedroom (it's a serious mess after the almost move) and that's important. If I'm going to be studying in our room, I really need it to be clean. And then to get everything organized and ready to go for the semester. I like to have all my school supplies organized and ready to go for the semester when it starts. (Yes, I'm one of those students. I just love school supplies and touching them, and it's really just an excuse for me to spend some quality time with them...Ok. Now I really sound nuts.)

And I guess I should probably do laundry too...

I. HATE. Laundry.

Anyways, I have my classes all lined up.

I'm taking one of my required classes for my major, Introductory Sociology. I'm very excited about this class. It's the class that should let me know for sure if I'm on the right path. I'm confident I am, but it's going to be such a change from last semester and I can't wait!

For my Art Appreciation requirement, I'm taking Theater Appreciation. I have done tech for the musicals our choir did in high school and I love to go see plays. The hubs and I have gone to see some Shakespeare plays at Tulane in the past and we go see any musical we can. And we'd love to see some more plays, it just hasn't happened - it can be expensive! So, if I have to learn about anything, I want it to theater because I enjoy it so much.

I'm also getting started on my foreign language requirement this semester. I'm taking French. I'm so excited about this class. I took Spanish in high school and I did well, but I took Spanish because my parents told me to take something "useful." Spanish it was. But, I've always wanted to take French. And let me tell you, if I have to take this language for 3 semesters, you can bet I want to take something I want to take. I'm really looking forward to it. I even bought index cards so I can work on making flashcards starting from day one! Y'all, I'm going to walk around campus with my flashcards learning my vocabulary and saying French words all over the place. And I will be awesome.

The last class I'm taking is Introduction to Women's Literature. My minor is going to Women and Gender Studies and so I'm trying to tailor some of my classes to that from the start. Since I need 2 literature classes I'm taking this one and a special interests one after it. I am really hoping that this will be interesting and that it's not pure torture. I haven't always liked literature classes. Sometimes I think people overcomplicate books. In high school we seriously spent 6 weeks reading a 62 page book. I don't believe everything they say...Yes there is some foreshadowing, yes there is some symbolism, etc, etc. But, I think way too many people overanalyze books. Animal Farm is clearly allegorical. Obviously. I just don't think every word ever written by Charles Dickens is as amazing as people want to make it out to be. I hate Dickens. To wordy. I don't like Steinbeck. To terse. I'm obviously picky.

And, clearly I'm too wordy too...this post has gotten WAY out of hand. So, I'm going to call this the end...haha.

(Maybe I should lighten up on Dickens...)


Katie said...

I was a Women's Studies minor (back before it changed to women and gender studies), and loved it. I was drawn to all the women's studies classes that also fell into the core class requirements - Art? Check. Religion? Check. History? Check. I got around so many potential boring core classes by taking the women's studies options. By time I declared it my minor, I was more than half done with the required credits.
We didn't have a foreign language requirement in college (thank goodness. I took French for six years in middle school and high school, so I was DONE by time I got to college. I chose French against every one's direction to take Spanish because it was "more useful." I still remember quite a bit, and I married someone who double majored in Spanish, so now I'm covered. ;-) Follow your dreams my dear!

bonbon said...

One of my favorite classes i ever took was a women's studies class. I would love a women lit class- it would be like a dream come true for me. It's okay to not like the classic authors, too. I find the more I read the less literature I actually like because I hold it all up to the best. As far as Charles Dickens, the guy was paid by the word, so yes he is wordy. Every one of them was making him money! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you- you seem like such a fun person. I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mare,

I just read the last few posts and I had forgotten that you had a different guy crush every other week in Junior High. Though I do remember Elmo, the tail gate party's etc.

I know what it feels like to want to do the going away college experience and not getting the chance. Though I look at it now as an experience that not many take and so we are unique. I love new supplies too and organizing my stuff still. How sad are we? :) I know you will do well and great job on getting a desk for 30 dollars! Every time I read your blog you make me smile and I miss you more.

On the classes I LOVED sociology, and the women's studies class I took and I think you will too. I could never get in to a theater class because they were always packed :(. I can not wait to hear how your first week goes!
Love ,

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