Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Social {vol 12}

Sunday Social

I'm linking up again for Sunday Social! I absolutely love the questions that Neely and Ashley come up with each week. This weeks theme? Where we go online.

What is the first website you log on to each day?
Usually I log on to Facebook and Twitter first, I am frequently asking myself, why? about Facebook. I'm usually about 1 friend request from deleting the whole thing. But, with school back in, I'm playing on the computer much less and doing a lot more homework so my school email is starting to be the first up each day.

Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about?
A lot of times I'll check out Cake Wrecks and see some cakes that bakers just did a horrible job on. And then, on Sunday's they switch it up and offer you Sunday Sweets, which are some of the most amazing cakes you will ever see.

Pinterest or Facebook? Why?
Pinterest. Any time. There's virtually no drama there. I love it. And I love looking at all the funny and pretty things there are to see.

Twitter or Instagram? Why?
Instagram. I love the photos. I think they help tell a better story than just a tweet alone!

Favorite Youtube video?
My favorite part is the guy at 2:26 who does the wink and nod. I'll watch that part several times...

Biggest Online Pet Peeve?
Political and religious tweets/Facebook posts/blog posts/etc. Here's the fact, there is nothing you are going to post online (especially tweet/Facebook) that is going to change my mind about it anything. Especially if I read something and with one quick google search can find out your lack of education on the subject. I read your blog and follow you because I'm interested in your life. I just prefer not to know about your political thoughts. And, if it happens to often, I typically unfollow you if I agree with you or not.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Working Hard...

So, I've finished the first week of school.

And it's going great!

I'm loving my classes, and even added another one, bringing me to 15 hours for the semester. The class I added is History of New Orleans and I'm so excited about it. Not being from the New Orleans area there are a lot of things about the area I don't know, although, there is a lot I do know. And the crazy part about this class? The Hubs took a couple of graduate classes with my professor when he was working on his Masters. And, the Hubs happened to be taking one of his classes when we were dating. I came into town to visit but he had class so I just joined him for his class and the class I joined him for happened to be one of the classes he was taking with my new professor. Such a small world! And the professor even remembered me after I introduced myself too him.

Other then that, school is a lot of work this semester. I've got tons of reading to do, a couple of papers, a couple of projects, plays to see, French to learn. It's a lot of coming straight home to study and working hard. But, I'm enjoying it!

Just as an update on my last post, yes by the time you read it, everything was in order. And I'm actually really happy with the changes to the room. I'm liking having an actual desk (I was using a dining table...)

My last thing to do is catch up on sleep this weekend. This week was just off. I'm not sure what happened but I can't wait to get into a better routine.

Now, I'm off to go back to studying. I need to go practice saying "what's your name?" in French.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School

First, to those of y'all who commented on my post about not going to LSU, thank you so much. Your encouragement really helped me and I feel much better now!

At first I couldn't imagine looking at anything LSU ever again. (Dramatic much?) But, I've had a bit of a mind set change. We both prayed and felt the right thing to do was to stay in New Orleans. And while I don't want LSU stuff everywhere (that can make me sad) I'm not worried about a few things, namely my new Erin Condren planner. I'm choosing to look at it as my own personal rainbow. A reminder of God's faithfulness and that he will take care of us and he has a plan far better than we've ever imagined. So, when I look at it, I don't see what I can't have, but that God has something so much better for me.

So, with my new mindset, it was time to get everything in order for school here in New Orleans. Since I was going to be at LSU, I didn't spend the time changing everything with UNO. After a couple days of accepting everything it was time to head to UNO. I officially changed my major with the school, I went for advising with the College of Liberal Arts and scheduled my classes. My books are purchased and school supplies are bought. I even got a desk (the $30 Wal-Mart special) that will do double duty as a great place to paint my nails! (Hubs, pretend you didn't just read that ;) )

All I have left to do now (I'm writing this on Saturday. Hopefully when you read this, all of this is done...haha!) is to clean our bedroom (it's a serious mess after the almost move) and that's important. If I'm going to be studying in our room, I really need it to be clean. And then to get everything organized and ready to go for the semester. I like to have all my school supplies organized and ready to go for the semester when it starts. (Yes, I'm one of those students. I just love school supplies and touching them, and it's really just an excuse for me to spend some quality time with them...Ok. Now I really sound nuts.)

And I guess I should probably do laundry too...

I. HATE. Laundry.

Anyways, I have my classes all lined up.

I'm taking one of my required classes for my major, Introductory Sociology. I'm very excited about this class. It's the class that should let me know for sure if I'm on the right path. I'm confident I am, but it's going to be such a change from last semester and I can't wait!

For my Art Appreciation requirement, I'm taking Theater Appreciation. I have done tech for the musicals our choir did in high school and I love to go see plays. The hubs and I have gone to see some Shakespeare plays at Tulane in the past and we go see any musical we can. And we'd love to see some more plays, it just hasn't happened - it can be expensive! So, if I have to learn about anything, I want it to theater because I enjoy it so much.

I'm also getting started on my foreign language requirement this semester. I'm taking French. I'm so excited about this class. I took Spanish in high school and I did well, but I took Spanish because my parents told me to take something "useful." Spanish it was. But, I've always wanted to take French. And let me tell you, if I have to take this language for 3 semesters, you can bet I want to take something I want to take. I'm really looking forward to it. I even bought index cards so I can work on making flashcards starting from day one! Y'all, I'm going to walk around campus with my flashcards learning my vocabulary and saying French words all over the place. And I will be awesome.

The last class I'm taking is Introduction to Women's Literature. My minor is going to Women and Gender Studies and so I'm trying to tailor some of my classes to that from the start. Since I need 2 literature classes I'm taking this one and a special interests one after it. I am really hoping that this will be interesting and that it's not pure torture. I haven't always liked literature classes. Sometimes I think people overcomplicate books. In high school we seriously spent 6 weeks reading a 62 page book. I don't believe everything they say...Yes there is some foreshadowing, yes there is some symbolism, etc, etc. But, I think way too many people overanalyze books. Animal Farm is clearly allegorical. Obviously. I just don't think every word ever written by Charles Dickens is as amazing as people want to make it out to be. I hate Dickens. To wordy. I don't like Steinbeck. To terse. I'm obviously picky.

And, clearly I'm too wordy too...this post has gotten WAY out of hand. So, I'm going to call this the end...haha.

(Maybe I should lighten up on Dickens...)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Today, as I'm getting back in the habit of blogging, I'm starting out with something easy, a link up. Sunday Social to be exact! I really enjoy this link up because I like how it gives something of a little substance to talk about. So, here's my post for this week.

What were you like in middle school/HS?
Ah, those awkward middle school years...I felt like a total social outcast. I didn't have a lot of friends and I was never "popular." I was boy crazy and had a different crush every week. I was also slightly, ok a lot obnoxious. I wasn't good at sports and my best friend from elementary school was and I saw myself loose her friendship. But, despite it all, I made some of the best friends a girl can have during those years and except for one, I still keep up with them all.

High School was pretty much an extension of junior high (that's we we called...middle school sounds odd to me...) I was a band nerd by this point, then I joined choir. And yet, I'm not extremely gifted musically. I was still the dismay of Cupcake and Hona-Hona. Yes, those are nicknames. I was Twinkie. I took pretty much all advanced placement classes in high school and was in the history club but I wasn't a nerd.  I pretty much felt like I was involved in different groups but not accepted in them. Maybe I was, I don't know but I didn't feel like it.

I'm in the red shirt.
This is from Project Grad and it's the only HS photo of me on facebook.
Maybe one day I'll find more to scare you with!
(Borrowed from a friend's facebook.)

What were your favorite past times?
Well, I was totally a band nerd and a choir geek. And those were great times. I had a group of band friends and we all had a nickname from the Disney Princesses and from Barbie. I was Belle and Barbie herself. One of the girls was Teen Skipper and I seriously didn't know her real name for months! I finally had to ask Midge what her name was...and I still struggled with it for awhile! In choir I was part of the Three Muskateers. My high school (a good ole small town Texas high school) did a thing called Junior Girls/Senior Women. our job was to help promote school spirit by making posters for one of the football players lockers. It was a lot of fun and involved a lot of glitter. And what is more fun than girl friends, gossip and glitter?

What songs were you obsessed with?
Ah, music. Pretty much anything on the top 40s station. Who else in Houston listened to 104.1 KRBE like crazy in the Houston area? Just me? Ok. But, Hey, Ya or Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture was a definite fave. I was totally in love with Usher Yeah and Confessions Part II. Not to mention Goodies. And, I was a country music freak. So bad. Still am...guess that hasn't changed. Now, I absolutely hated (and still do honestly) Santana's songs Smooth, Black Magic Woman and Oye Como Va. We marched to them in band my freshman year and after playing the songs nearly a thousand times - I can't stand them!

What fashion statement do you look back on and cringe?
There are 2 that I personally wore. First, the really baggy t-shirt. I seriously went through a phase where I wore an x-large t-shirt...when I should have been wearing a small, medium tops. I don't know what I was thinking. I also did this hair style - I hope you can imagine this - I would part my hair in half down the middle. Then I would part it in half again around the ear horizontally so my hair was now in fourths. Then, I would take the top part on each side and put it in a messy bun and I would braid the bottom half on each side. Of all the stupid things I could have worn, that is what my parents let me walk out of the house wearing...sigh.

Who was your celeb crush?
Wow...I don't really remember...let me think...I guess Usher was...he still is...I don't remember...I'll research this for you...

What were your favorite TV shows/movies?
Gone With The Wind, Titanic and Beauty and the Beast have always been favorites. So definitely those. I even did a speech on Gone With The Wind in my speech class in high school. TV shows would have included Sister, Sister, Full House and 7th Heaven. Monk should probably make this list too.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Been A Crazy Two Weeks

Well, the title says it all.

I don't really want to write this post. But, at some point, we have to face everything if we like it or not.

I'm not going to LSU this fall.

Which means I'm probably never "going away to school." I've dreamed of going away to school my whole life. When I graduated high school I did the responsible thing and went to community college. And I met my amazing husband and moved to be closer to him. So, I didn't get to do what I always planned and dreamed of.

And so, I got myself accepted and got everything lined up and we were ready to go. We bought the furniture, I signed up for orientation, we packed the cars and we went to check into our apartment.

And we realized our furniture was never going to fit. It just wasn't going to work. So, we quickly started looking for another place to live and found the most amazing apartment and we were in apartment love. We applied for the apartment and started heading home.

We couldn't make it out of Baton Rouge. We both had that gut feeling that we were doing the wrong thing. So we stopped, talked about it, prayed about it and made the extremely difficult decision to stay in New Orleans.

You see, Mr. B got offered an awesome job and it's best that he takes it and it's best we're in New Orleans for it. I'm very excited for him and I know it's going to be great for him and us! I totally support him in taking it!

But, part of me is very disappointed. This was pretty much the last chance for me to go to a school where I would be super proud of going to it. Where I wanted to own my entire wardrobe in purple and gold. I was picking out my notebooks and had found adult ways to incorporate purple and gold into our apartment. I was 110% in. I was imagining walking campus and going to games. I was ready.

It was pretty much my last chance. I'm 25 years old. Let's face it. It's kind of hard to "go away to college" when you're 25. But, I was at the last point I could really do it. You see, I don't fit in with traditional students but I don't fit in with the non-traditional students either. I was going to get to pick which group I was in and I was going to fit with the traditional students. I wanted to go to all of the campus activities and sit in the student section. I was all in.

And now, I have to close a door on that dream.

And it makes me sad. I've been really disappointed. And I have been dreading writing this post.

And this is going to keep haunting me for awhile. I'm going to get emails and I'm going to get mail and I've got to figure out what to do about all of my purple and gold stuff - including my new Erin Condren planner. I've done all of the retail therapy I can do and now I have to face reality.

I'm sad about it. But, I'm getting everything in order for school at UNO this semester. And we're settling our stuff back into his parents house. After everything settles down at his new job, we're going to find an apartment and move out but we have to get everything in order for it.

And y'all, I know how good it is that he got this job. It really is a god-send. I just am very sad that I'm not going to get to have this experience. And that I will probably never be able to have this experience. And it hurts because I was so close to being there.

So, now it out there. I'm going to hit publish on this post and soon I'll be back to blogging. Just give me a little bit of time to finish processing this.

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