Monday, July 2, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was amazing!!!

On Friday, Lee, Lindsay and Parker took off on vacation - and the hubs and I settled into their house! In return for pet-sitting and house-sitting we get a week of privacy from my in-laws, a cool room to sleep in at night (we seriously have the hottest room in the house at his parent's place!), and the ability to listen to the TV at a reasonable level! It's been great to hang out, not have anyone bothering us and to just relax.

Our way of enjoying this weekend was watching movies...and watch movies we did, here's a quick review of them!

{ The Artist }

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

I REALLY enjoyed this. The story was so good and I loved the history of it. And it was so unique for a movie today. If you haven't seen it, please spend the $1.20 at Redbox and see it!

{ 21 Jump Street }

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Ok. I nearly peed from laughing so hard during this move. Seriously, hilarious. I will be soon owning it so that I can watch it and watch it over and over! Also, it was filmed in New Orleans and they didn't work too hard to disguise it was New Orleans (at one point I could pick out the outline of the Superdome!) So, that made it extra fun to watch! This is another must see!!!

{ Gone }

This was a movie I had been interested in seeing. It seemed like the psychological thriller type of movie that I just might enjoy. And, I like Amanda Seyfried in the the movies I've seen her in. So, I was interested in seeing it. I ended up enjoying it and found it not too be overly predictable and they did a good job of keeping you guessing what's going to happen. I enjoyed it.

{ Sherlock Holmes }

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

Hubs and I both wanted to see this and we both enjoyed it a lot! And we agreed during this movie that Robert Downy Jr. plays Sherlock Holmes like Iron Man. Since I like Iron Man, that is definitely somethings I can get behind!

{ Magic Mike }

On Friday before work I caught the first showing of Magic Mike. And was I ever glad I did! Now, I was kind of surprised, there really was a decent (if somewhat predictable plot) to this movie. The acting wasn't bad, and you get to see Channing Tatum there really anything to complain about? Now, I did have one minor disappointment: It was advertised as stripping with some plot not as plot with some stripping. Not that that was a bad thing, just different from what I expected is all! I actually really enjoyed this movie and was glad I went to see it! (Note, this was the first thing I saw this weekend, but I saw it without hubs and decided to hold it for last!)

We also watched Madagascar and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa to prepare to see Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted this week. And we ended the weekend with me blogging and us watching Inglorious Basterds. Like I said, we watched a few movies this weekend!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything good?

Have a good week!!


LWLH said...

I'm going to see Magic Mike on Wednesday. :)

Annmarie Pipa said...

sounds like a win win situation! good for all of you!

Ivana said...

Oh my, I can't believe I haven't seen any of these movies! Seriously, I'm a huge movie fan, so this is quite embarrassing! Thanks for the inspiration!

xx Ivana
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