Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Social {vol 6}

Sunday Social

I am going to back track and do last weeks Sunday Social post soon, but first, I have to do this weeks...but this weeks Sunday Social post is all about vacation and I LOVE vacation and traveling and planning to vacation, and thinking about where I one day may want to vacation...and well you get the point, I LOVE vacation!

Best trip you've been on?
In April of 2011, the hubs and I took off on a 10 day long trip. We went to see my family and then the real fun started. We went to Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma, St. Louis and then headed home. It was AMAZING! We had so much fun on the road together, drank Dr Pepper in Dublin, Texas, finished Interestate 44, snuck our toes into Kansas, saw the Gateway Arch, and just had so much fun together. For the rest of our lives vacations will be measured to that trip!
Hubs and I under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis!

Best idea for a girls trip?
I'd love to say beach - I LOVE the beach. I can snuggle up in a chair under an umbrella and spend all day there. Seriously, most relaxing thing ever. But, so many girls I know prefer sitting next to a pool...that doesn't do it for me. So, I'll go with idea number 2 - The 3 Ss of being a woman - Socializing, Shopping and Spas. It would be a trip where we would do all 3 of those things!

Best idea for a couples trip?
This might not be true for a lot of couples but for hubs and I, it's anything where we hit the road for a week or more at a time! We always have so much fun hanging out in the car and we love seeing the sights along the way. We like to do the same things when we travel so this works so well for us! We haven't tallied it up in awhile but I know we've traveled over 12,000 miles together in the time we've been married.

Best vacation on the cheap?
Hubs and I don't travel well on the cheap. We believe in go big or go home where vacations are concerned and have chosen not to travel if we can't do it the way we like. But, if we are keeping it semi cheap we'll go visit our friends in North Carolina. We don't have to pay for a place to stay and that always help!

Place you want to visit the most?
I separate this into two categories. U.S.A. and worldwide.
U.S.A.: New York City

Worldwide: Panama Canal

Vacation Necesseties


Veronica and Daniel said...

Ooo! Panama Canal would be awesome! We have always wanted to do a Panama Canal cruise.

Danette Dillon said...

I love your travel necessities!

lbralla said...

Can I be a part of your 3S girls trip. I can't think of anything better than socializing, shopping, and spas.

The Cavallaro's said...

Just stumbled across your blog from the Sunday linkup! And I agree with the above commenter, I want to be apart of your 3S girls trip too! I also want to visit NYC since i've never been!

And traveling around Texas is the BEST but I may be biased since I live in Texas :) But, me and the hubs love traveling to the different cities in Texas!!

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