Monday, July 16, 2012

Research In All It's Glory

So, blog posts for me frequently begin with an idea. And then that leads to a little research. You know, finding the appropriate youtube video or like to include in the post. And that almost always leads to me finding something so entertaining that I just have to share it.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was working through some clips of Glee on youtube. That was going wonderfully well. I was entirely off track and not actually getting any blogging done. And then, I found this.

To quote the hubs: "No wonder it took so long to find Bin Laden."

Ok. Let's add this quick disclaimer before you start talking about how horrible I am - I am very patriotic. I am very proud to live in America. I am extremely proud of our troops, no matter the political powers that be. Our military men and women deserve so much respect for protecting the freedoms that are provided in the constitution and I am indebted to them beyond words.

I also happen to have friends and family who have served overseas and who serve here at home and knowing them, they would find this - and the comment - hilarious. So, just enjoy it all for what it is. The toughest men out there. Dancing. To Glee.

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