Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Playing With Parker

I'm a very lucky aunt. I get to watch my niece, Parker, almost every week. Not to mention, we frequently get to hang out with Parker on the weekends and stuff with family. I know just how blessed I am to be able to build such a great relationship with my niece from such a young age.

Since I get to watch Parker so much, we have had the chance to develop a couple of games we play that we really enjoy. The first I'm going to show you is 52 Pick Up.

I don't remember how 52 pick up started...one day I made the cards fly at her and she loved it! Isn't that how it always starts? We can do this for awhile before she gets bored of it. Recently we've had 2 developments. I was over there on a Wednesday babysitting her and she walked over to the table, opened up the drawer with the cards in it and handed them to me. The other things is she'll start handing me cards after they're in a pile around her...it's so neat to see that she wants to play this game with me!

The other thing we do is bounce her play eggs in my skirt.
This is another game that she now lets me know she wants to play. She'll grab the eggs and toss them in my skirt when I 'm sitting on the floor. Sometimes, she'll even grab my skirt and bounce the eggs herself. If I'm not wearing the official skirt - it's time to use my shirt! This is probably my favorite game we play and I know I'll be sad when we stop playing it!

I really, really enjoy spending so much time with Parker. Sadly, now that I work at the spa I don't get to watch her as much so each time I watch her is so much more special. I can't believe how big she's getting and I'm so excited about where my relationship with her can go as she gets older...but for right now, I want to remember these little things because they're just so special to me!

{Oh, and I just decided...the egg bouncing game will be named "eggs in a basket" just because is so ridiculous cute!}


Lindsay said...

LOVE!! She is very lucky to have a sweet aunt like you. :)

{kayleigh nikolai} said...

Hey Girl! I was given the Liebster Award and wanted to pass it to you. I understand if you are too busy, but I wanted to include you. :) http://tinyurl.com/ce2fjr8

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