Thursday, June 28, 2012

You've Got a {Photographer} in Me

Last September a very dear friend of mine told me she was pregnant! I was so excited for her and was so ready to have another teeny tiny baby around since my adorable niece was quickly leaving that teeny tiny stage behind! All of these babies really help me fend off my baby fever and I enjoy spending time with them so much!

My friend, Jennifer, unfortunately had to spend the majority of her pregnancy on bed rest but I know for her it was a small price to pay for the healthy, full term, adorable baby that was the result! Now, little Isabella has been here for 6 whole weeks but I am backtracking a bit to share with you the maternity photos I took for Jennifer.

Since she was on bed rest and not supposed to be out of bed too much, we took the photos around her house. I was so glad to be able to do this for her. One, because I love her and love getting to help her out any way I can, and two, because I love any chance to flex my photography muscles! Photography is definitely my passion and favorite hobby and I love having the chance to pursue it. Now, I'll get to showing you the photos!

When I was taking pictures I wanted to make sure I got a photo where she spent so much of her pregnancy, in her bed! I thought this was perfect!

The obligatory belly shot!

Her front yard proved perfect for taking these photos!

The whole happy family. It was funny trying to get this picture, they would kiss and their son would laugh and then they would tell him not to laugh. I finally just had to tell them, let him laugh, when I was finally able to show them the picture they understood...ahh, the things you see and think about when you're the photographer!

The happy, excited family!

I included both the color and black and white photos because I love the color photos and she loves black and white photos. (All of the professional photos in her house are in black and white.) So, I made sure to edit them in black and white, but as the photographer, I also had to edit them in color!

So, those are the photos I took for her. I also took photographs for her when she delivered Isabella and I'll eventually share those with you...there's just a few {hundred!} photos to go through for that...Maybe we'll all see them next year!

Oh, and if you're a photographer yourself, any constructive criticism is always welcomed! I love anything that helps me improve my photography!

And...the title is a nod to the song from Toy Story, You've Got a Friend in Me...get it?


LWLH said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Rueann16 said...

Love the pics!

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