Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Social {vol 2}

Sunday Social

Although it's a week late, I really wanted to link up the Social Sunday post I missed. I saw that I could still link up and decided it was time to answer the questions and put them out there for everyone to enjoy! This week the topic is movies and I love movies!!

Favorite movie of all time?

Gone With The Wind
This is by far my favorite movie. It's just such an amazing story and I just can't help but love it. I don't watch it often, but I think that helps keep it special!

Favorite movie quote?
This is very hard to pick! But, I'm going to have to go with the following quote from Inglorious Basterds. The hubs and I use this quote often in conversation.

Source: via Betty on Pinterest

Lt. Aldo Raine: Well, I speak the most Italian, so I'll be your escort. Donowitz speaks the second most, so he'll be your Italian cameraman. Omar speaks third most, so he'll be Donny's assistant. 
Pfc. Omar Ulmer: I don't speak Italian. 
Lt. Aldo Raine: Like I said, third best. Just keep your fuckin' mouth shut. In fact, why don't you start practicing, right now! 

Best movie to watch for a girls night in?
This one, I don't have an answer for. I watch SO many movies with hubs that it isn't funny. And, he pretty much watches anything. He even offered to go see Magic Mike with me if I wanted company when I saw it. I will prefer watching that alone (does hubs really need to watch me drool all over myself during that...definitely not!) So, when I hang out with my girlfriends, we don't really watch movies...I can only think of a few movies I've watched with other people and without the hubs in 5 years...I guess we're weird...

Best break-up movie?
This is another one I don't have an answer to. I'm very lucky to have never had a real break up in my life. I dated a boy in high school for 6 weeks...and dumped him when he wanted to take another girl to homecoming when I was grounded...I didn't feel too much of a loss there...Funny story though, my Dad must have been pretty irked that this boy treated me that way because after that happened, my dad ungrounded me for the length of the dance. And my parents NEVER backed out on punishment. Matter of fact, the only other time was when there was $600 on the line. So, no break up movies for me...

Favorite celeb eye candy?

Two Words. Channing. Tatum.

Which movie star's closet would you want to raid?

Reese Witherspoon. She always looks cute in a totally accessible sort of way. I think I could actually pull her closet off!

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