Monday, June 4, 2012

I Know What You Did This Weekend

Not really, I actually know what I did this weekend, but after this post you'll know what I did this weekend.

Hubs and I spent Saturday doing things that needed to be done. Work stuff, errands, etc. The day ended with me writing out some blog goals - which I'm SO excited about! I spent the evening figuring out what I want to see happen with my blog over the course of the rest of the year and how I want to handle my blog posts! I feel so refreshed and ready to blog again! Ah, what a plan does for you!

I also used my blog planning time as a chance to open a bottle of my favorite wine and celebrate an exciting week!
I captioned this with "Living in a blogger's paradise." on Instagram in reference to Gangsta's Paradise but apparently, I was too clever with that!

On Sunday, my dear friend had her baby shower. She was on bed rest for 6 months of her pregnancy so they had her shower after she had the little bundle of joy!

Me and Jennifer
The sweet baby we were celebrating!
On Sunday night hubs and I finished up the weekend by having a Sonic date! It was such a great we'll return to our regularly scheduled (Monday-Friday) programming!

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