Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Evolution of My Hair

Y'all, I have thick hair. Like, hair so thick when I go to the salon, they always comment on how thick my hair is. Because of this, I have been faithful to my short haircut since high school. Once I brought my hair above my shoulders I've never looked back.

Then, in May of 2010, hubs and I decided to get married and I started growing my hair out. And, it kind of just stuck for awhile. I finally got it past the aggravating "my hair is always stuck in my collar" phase so, I kept growing it out. And this winter, I finally reached the maximum length I would allow my hair to grow. It reached down to the middle of my back.

My hair at Christmas time...SO long.
But, I'd had enough, so it was time to cut it. So, I went shoulder length.

My hair on my birthday (and my super cute niece!)
And that was pretty good. Easier, and I liked it. But, everyone has their go-to haircut. The haircut they know how to style in minutes, takes the least effort but they still feel fabulous in. For me, it's a bob stacked in the back. It's what works for me. For my thick hair, it's about the least amount of hair I can have without going to a pixie cut. So, last night, I did it. I gave up my long (for me) hair and chopped it off!

And here's my hair today!
Yeah...trying to take a picture of myself equates a funny face...sorry!
I'm so happy to have it short again! This is where I'm happiest with my hair and I'm so glad to have done it. I do find it funny though, everyone else is more attached to my long hair than I am...the girl cutting my hair was sad to cut it...I thought it was funny!

Now, onto a long day...eye doctors appointment in the A.M. And I work a long day today - 1pm to 8pm (I usually work 1pm-5pm.) Y'all have a great day - I know I am going to try my hardest!


Bibi said...

Where do you work at?

Your pixi cut is cute and totally suits you, but you look good with long hair, too. :)

Melissa said...

It looks so cute on you!

Girl, me too. THICK hair. And it's crazy b/c people don't think that by looking at it. It's because the strands are fine, theirs just a LOT of it. Every time i get my hair done, the stylist comments about how thick it is! I'm glad i got my dad's hair though. My mom & sister have paper thin hair!

I can't deal with my hair long at all. It was so long when i was a kid & it was beautiful, but my mom is the one who fixed it! I can't do my own hair. And it's just SO easy & lighter when it's short. I like it above my shoulders. Right now it's at my shoulders & that's too long! I do see girls at work though (since i work at a cosmetology school) that have LONG beautiful hair & I wish i could do that to mine!

Love your bob! CUTE! :)

Jessica Renee said...

That style is so cute on you!! If I were the stylist I would've been sad to cut the long hair though too! haha.

For me, my hair is thick and CURLY so even with straightening, a bob is always weird on me. I tried that after I had the baby and now I'm just trying to coerce it into growing long asap! lol

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