Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book Review: Saving Grace

I've told you before that I joined Blogging For Books. I've finished reading Saving Grace, a book written by Annie Jones. When I was picking a book this time, I wanted something a little bit longer the the last book I read. And the synopsis caught my eye.

Saving Grace is actually the second book in a series (The Prayer Tree Series) but I didn't catch that when I chose the book. Lucky for me, this didn't make a difference. While some references were made to the first book, overall the book is separate enough from the first book that I was able to enjoy it! This book follows 4 women (Rosemary, Naomi, Gayle and Lucy) as they are trying to rekindle their friendship while helping an "eccentric old woman," Grace. Rosemary, Naomi, Gayle and Lucy became friends as part of the Prayer Tree in their small town, New Bethany. At the annual Splendor Belle Gala talk returns to Grace, the old woman who every year sits out on her porch in her debutante gown drinking a cup of tea. This year, Grace becomes their project. Many things happen, but in the end their friendship strengthens, love is found, and Grace's story is told.

First, I enjoyed the book overall. But, I have one complaint. I was highly frustrated the entire time by the fact that the book was published and the apostrophe was in the wrong spot in y'all every time. They put the apostrophe after the "a" when it should have been after the "y." This is me nitpicking I guess, but it really messed up the flow of the book for me!

But, I still enjoyed the story. I enjoyed following along learning about the women and seeing how they interacted with each other. I liked seeing how their friendship developed and how despite their differences they were able to build a friendship.

What I really enjoyed was watching the love stories develop. Some of the women were married, others dating. My favorite of the love stories was Lucy's! I liked watching how she came to love and trust Ben. In my opinion, it took the author way too long to introduce this story. I really would have preferred this story to be introduced sooner and developed throughout more of the story. It was my FAVORITE of the love stories and the book just seemed to move better once this storyline was added. But, it also seemed to develop a bit too quickly at the end. But, it was still my favorite!

So, this book was good and I am glad I read it. I'm also interested now in reading the first book in the series! If you get a chance to read this, I definitely recommend it!

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