Thursday, March 22, 2012

Whew...Made it Past Draft

I've had writer's block recently y'all. Serious, unbelievable amounts of writer's block. I open up blogger, click the new post button and lose all ability to form a coherent blog post. I have like 7 posts in "draft" right now because I can't seem to finish them.

It's kind of got me down.

I LOVE blogging. Y'all, seriously LOVE it! It's the only thing in life I do just for me.

A lot of the other stuff is done with other people in mind. I do them because they make me happy, but also because of other things too. Anything I do with hubs, is done considering what will make him happy too. I watch my adorable niece on Wednesday nights (which I LOVE) but that is also to help form a strong relationship with her. I go to school knowing it will help the hubs and I accomplish our goals and dreams.

But blogging, blogging is just for me.

I am not a large blog by all means and I love each and everyone of my readers more than you'll ever know but, as much as each of you means to me, I write this blog for me! I make decisions on this blog because they make me happy. This is the one place that is all mine!

But, I've sadly been absent from the blog. My post are a little slower, but not much you may have noticed, but in my heart I've been absent.

You see, I've been busy with school. Seriously, calculus is kicking my buttocks (which always sounds like Forest Gump is saying it in my head). And I'm studying like crazy. You wouldn't believe how many nights I'm at the library until it closes. This first semester back is killing me! I know next semester will be better, if I could only survive this one! Because I've been so busy with school, I'm not really doing much. And since I blog about my life, and I'm not doing much beside school (those would make BORING posts) I just don't feel like I have much to say right now.

I have plans of blogging about my birthday (Which was now almost 2 weeks ago...ugh!), and I'm thinking about starting a nail polish feature. I've got a great Scentsy order coming in, that should be interesting. Oh, and I'll probably be going to see my family in just a couple of weeks. So, I'm going to have more to write about soon, but for the next couple of weeks, I'll probably keep struggling through this. And, if you can be your usual, supportive selves, and not abandon me, you will make my life better!

In the mean time, know that my brain really appreciated getting so wrapped up in this post! Oh, and I need to leave you with something cute to look at. So, how about this:

My sweet, adorable niece who smiles and makes me smile!
Wednesday nights are great and boy do we have fun!

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Melissa said...

Aw, girl, you are going through some stuff w/ school & all keeping you busy! I totally understand. We all go through times like that. But i love your blog posts! :) HUGS!

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