Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Luck O' The Irish - A Little Late

This weekend, as we all know, was Saint Patrick's Day. And, here in New Orleans we parade for St. Patrick's Day just like we do for Mardi Gras. Ok, it's slightly different, but we'll get to that!

So, Saturday I headed out to the parade route with Mr. B to meet up with our friend Robin to enjoy the day. I grabbed my camera set on getting at least few pictures. It was a great time with friends just chilling on the curb and chit chatting before the parade began. It took awhile for the parade to get to us but it was a pretty nice day and I didn't mind too much. Sure, it was a bit warm with the sun beating down on us, but we were partially shaded and it wasn't 100 degrees, so I won't complain!

Now, in New Orleans, we have clubs that walk in the parades. They are made up of men, and they walk down the street carrying these large bunches of flowers. Then, they kiss all the women they can and they give you one of the flowers. Now, generally, they kiss you on the cheek, but later in the parade after they've been drinking all day, they may get a little bit more bold! Also, they are carrying garters and panties. And, they put those on you and then give you a kiss...seriously, this parade is better if you have no real notion of personal space and drink lots of alcohol...

The flowers they carry.

Now, I generally just don't let other guys kiss me. Seriously, it's a little awkward for me...but, Mr. B and I do have one friend who does walk in one of those clubs, and since I know him and kiss him (you know, on the's pretty standard in this area...) anyways, I do go ahead and kiss him and get one flower for the day. (Then spend the rest of the day trying to be's REALLY help!

Meet Brett Bretterson.
Obviously, not his real last night...but, it's what we use...

Now, we were standing by some people who had a ton of fun with the whole kissing and garters and panties stuff and it really was fun watching them. I took some pictures, but the sun make photos challenging, especially on Magazine Street where there are a lot of trees too. But, I got a few I like!  First up, garters!

The parade was fun, although a little frustrating. Since there are throws to be caught and no barricades to keep people in a designated area, the crowd shifts a lot during the course of the parade. At one point there seriously was only enough room for the guys to walk in a single file line. And I was a little concerned for the safety of my camera. (Drunk people stumbling around can make me feel that way!)

This fun guy was walking in the parade!

From New York, the New York City Transit Pipes & Drums came to march in our parade. I love the sound of bagpipes and I really enjoyed listening to them play.

I had composed this picture and was about to snap the shot when
this gentleman turned, saw me, and threw on the biggest grin!
I love how it turned out!

The parade came to a halt and the NYC Transit Pipes and Drums were stopped in front of us. It was so awesome to be able to listen to them talk about their experience in New Orleans. They had so many nice things to say and really seemed to be enjoying their trip. And, it was nice to hear the kind things the locals had to tell them in return. It's amazing, it's been 10 years since 9/11 and yet it still does more to unite strangers than anything I've seen. The amount of respect that people gave them was just amazing. It was such an amazing thing to see at the parade and stood in such stark contrast to everything else that went on!

The best part for me though, was the chance to people watch for the day. And since parades always attract families, which means cute kids, I had a lot of fun grabbing some pictures of the cuties around me!

This cutie stayed out for the whole parade
and, I think he got enough toys to redecorate his room!
But, boy, by the end, he was EXHAUSTED!
This group posed for a picture and I snapped my own copy really quick.
This cutie was directly across from me
and I just loved the contrast her hat gave!
This kiddo just didn't want to be set down.
If you look closely, you can see he's holding his feet up!

After the parade was over, I decided it was important to get a couple of pictures of us at the parade, so here they are!

Robin and me!

Robin and me again!

And of course, the hubs and I!

Well, I'm glad you survived all of those photos! It was a lot fun to hang out and enjoy the pretty outdoors! I'm hoping to get back to blogging more regularly soon, but school is keeping me super busy right now!


Melissa said...

Are you kidding me?! I KNOW ROBIN! I went to church with her for years & years here in BR. I still talk to her on FB. I cannot believe of all the ppl in NOLA, you are friends w/ her! Love her! :) :)


But i love all your pics. The one of that mom taking a pic of her & her son w/ the phone is so cute. :)


Katie said...


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