Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unscripted Journey

I'm excited to announce It Takes Two is now becoming Unscripted Journey and has it's own custom domain!!!

Y'all, this is such an exciting moment! Here's the story!!

Back in 2010 when I started this blog I was so excited to be blogging and pretty much took the first name that came to mind and was available. So, I came up with It Takes Two.  Now, the URL was hyphenated and I was never quite happy with it. But, for over a year it served me well!  Over the past year, I have thought about changing the name a couple of times, but I could never quite come up with something that was right.

Then, after yet another long brainstorming session, and thanks to a great idea from Mr. B, Unscripted Journey just felt like the right name. It references my life in so many ways. And I'm just so happy with it! And, it was available...I was SURE it wouldn't be. I've tried so many ideas that wouldn't work out because it was an already registered domain name! But, this one did!!! It's just unbelievable! I'm just so excited that all of this is worked out today!

So, what can you expect from these changes?

1) Most importantly, the same great, heartfelt blogging. No matter the name, that will always be the focus of this blog!

2) The address in your address bar will change to This may take a few days, but I have checked that the new address already works. You can begin using it now!

3) I'm going to replace the name It Takes Two in the header and create a new button for Unscripted Journey. (If you have the old button, I'll blog the new one to help you remember to change it!) 

So, welcome to the new chapter in this blog!!


Lindsay said...

I LOVE the name and I'm excited you figured out how to do all of this because I want to do the same thing. :) Now you can help me!

Holly said...

Love the new name, and the layout!! You rock girl :)

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