Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Target Tuesday

I'm linking up with Fabulous But Evil today to talk about some things on my current Target wish list!

Jason Wu for Target® Pleated Canvas Skirt in Belize Blue

I just took a quick look at the new Jason Wu line and when I saw this it really caught my eye! The colors are just wonderful and I love the pleating!

DwellStudio® for Target® Sevilla Coverlet

Mr. B and I like it really cold when we sleep. In the apartment, we would frequently set the thermostat to 68 degrees at night. We ran it warmer in during the day to compensate on the electric bill, but we just slept better with it cold. During the winter we would crack our window and put our box fan in front of it to blow the cold air in. We LOVE sleeping with it cold. But, living with Mr. B's parents the house is never cold enough for our taste. (Part of that being because we have to sleep with the door closed...) So, it's time to downgrade from our comforter to something lighter...I'm thinking a quilt will be perfect! And this one just might be too cute to pass up!

essie Nail Color - Scarlett O’ Hara

This nail polish color is on my want list! I saw the color in store and fell in love with it before I ever saw the name. Then, I saw the name...Gone With The Wind is my favorite movie, so this has become a must have color for me! I'll get it one day!

essie Nail Care - matte about you top coat

I have several nail polishes I'd LOVE to see as a matte color...hopefully this lands in my hot little hands one day soon. Until then, I'll just keep dropping not so subtle hints to Mr. B of my love of all things Essie and my deep desire for this top coat!

So, that's Target Tuesday today. I hope that I made your wish list a little longer with the nail polish dreams! (It really is my current obsession!)


Victoria said...

cute bedding!!

pretty red polish!

fun blog you have :)

SimplyHeather said...

Oo I am loving the bedding!!


Alyssa said...

Loving the bedding and if you get the matte polish I'd love to hear what you think about it! I've been wondering if I'll like it or not!

tara said...

i really love that skirt! i'm so sad i didn't get to it before it sold out! :(

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