Monday, February 27, 2012

Parker's First Birthday Party

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated my niece's first birthday! I can't believe she's one...but that's a whole other story! On Friday, I watched Parker while Lindsay ran some final errands for the birthday party. Parker and I had fun playing and napping while Lindsay was out in the icky weather! Then Mr. B and I watched Parker while Lee and Lindsay did some other (non-birthday related) stuff that evening.

When Lee & Lindsay got back to the house, she got to decorating and stuff for the party while Lee & Mr. B pretty much just hung out. Yes, clothes did get folded...but with them together, was that really a chore? I of course, helped with the decorating of the party! It was so special for me to be able to help with this (thanks Lindsay!).

I enjoy spending time with and doing things for my adorable niece! Whenever I'm spending time with her, I'm always telling her the things I'm going to teach and show her. (Hello, shoes!) Sentences frequently start out "now, when you're a little bit older..." And, since I've spent so much time with her, she's pretty comfortable with me. I absolutely love when I'm holding her and she just rests on me...le sigh. Being an aunt may be the best job in the world!

So, back to the party...Lindsay asked me to take photos of Parker's party so that she could just enjoy it. And you can imagine, I said "of course!" I love taking photos, I love taking photos of Parker. It would only make sense I would enjoy taking photos of Parker's party. So, I made sure to get to Lee & Lindsay's early on Saturday so that I could take some pictures of the pretty decorations before people were there. And let me tell you, I'm SO happy with these photos! After nearly 400 photos, these are the ones I'm going to share with you! (Don't worry, there are a lot more. Lindsay posted a bunch of them here and here. These are just my favorites and the ones that are most special to me!)

The cupcakes and flowers.
One of my most favorite photos I've ever taken!

The cake table!

Lindsay and Parker.
Wasn't Parker's outfit ADORABLE?!

Lee, Lindsay & Parker.
One family photo before the craziness really started!

The sign on the door.

Mr. B & Parker.

Because she looks so disinterested in the other photo
here's a photo where she's looking at her Uncle John!

About to sing and eat cake!

She's a riot!

No real smashing occurred, but she did poke at it a lot!

The one photo I'm in!
I made Lindsay take a picture because I wanted to be able to prove to
Parker I was at her party when she grows up!

Also, funny story...Parker thinks it's funny when I fake cough at her or go bleck (It's this weird throaty sound I make...I dunno.) So, when taking pictures (especially of Lindsay was in the photo, I would sit there and cough and make the bleck sound, then she would smile and I would snap the picture. Let's just say, by the end of the party my throat was SO sore! But really, I would do it all again because I just love this sweet girl! And I'll always enjoy the photos!


Anonymous said...

It was so sweet of you to take pictures for them! It's so hard to be the Momma, hostess, photographer, etc. I wish I had someone to have taken pics of my babygirl's party! There are so many pictures I wanted to get that I missed. You did such a great job!

Nicole Rene said...

awwww she is super adorable!!!! :)

Lindsay said...

Thank you SOO much for helping! :) I LOVE the pictures, also. :)

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