Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meet Hunky

Each year we decorate the tree and I always remember that we need more masculine ornaments. I feel kind of bad handing Mr. B my shoe and purse ornaments to put on the tree...so, one day I was talking to my parents about that predicament and how we really needed to get a few more ornaments for Mr. B.

In my family, it was always tradition to get an ornament as a Christmas gift each year. I have a lot of ornaments because of this. (At least 25 but I'm sure more than that!) So, this year, my parents went looking for an ornament for Mr. B for part of his Christmas gifts. But, they had a bit of a challenge finding something that was "him."

So, they improvised.

Meet, Hunky.
Hunky, meet my blog readers!
Hunky is UFC fighter, transformed to Santa. Due to the unbelievably highs sales of red felt (I'm going to go ahead and thank pinterest for that.) Hunky's coat is made out of a $1 stocking from Walmart. His coat was hand tailored by my Dad to meet Hunky's exact body specifications. His coat was then trimmed in bits of white felt so that his coat would be reminiscent of Ol' Saint Nick's. And, when a UFC fighter is mere inches tall, a championship belt is quite hard to find. The more creative of us (my Dad, again) would choose to use a zip tie! Now, the final detail, giving Hunky a way to be hung from the Christmas tree. Now, a noose like hanger would be a bit...morbid. And not necessairly very festive. So, my Dad again found a solution for this problem. He took a paper clip and used a lighter to heat the paper clip up. Then, he pushed it through Hunky's head.

So, that's the story of how Hunky came to be. He is Mr. B's "masculine ornament" of the year! Mr. B hung him on my Grandparents Chistmas tree and Hunky gave me a great chuckle each time I saw him!

Stories to come: Christmas Day & Christmas with Mr. B's family!

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Katie said...

LOL that is too funny! My husband has an iron man ornament, and a VW beetle ornament that he loves, and gets SO excited to put on the tree. Most of the others are pretty feminine.

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