Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Chrissymus!!!!

Christmas Day was great! There's nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning, looking at all the presents under the tree and knowing they're about to be opened in just mere minutes!

Now, this Christmas I picked up my last gift on Christmas Eve day...yeah, I was on top of things. Actually, I was. I got my Mamaw a gift from Cracker Barrel and the nearest one to us is almost an hour away. After the crazy month we had, I didn't get a chance to get it until we got to Katy. Where there is one 15 minutes from my grandparent's house! So, when I woke up on Christmas morning, I quickly wrapped the gift before anyone else got up. When everyone else was up and ready, we opened presents!

Now, I was probably more anxious than anyone to open presents as the BIGGEST present under the tree was mine! Mr. B actually heard all of my complaints through out the Christmas season! I couldn't help but  notice how as we get older we get few gifts. AND we get smaller gifts. Why the hey does it work that way?

My Really Big Box!!!!
So, we always do stockings in my family. And, usually we're pretty good about sneaking stockings out when no one is watching, but this year, Santa (aka: my mom & I) both slacked major! So, whenever Santa was coming to put a stocking out, everyone would close their eyes and Santa would say "jingle, jingle, jingle" until the stocking was put out. It was pretty funny and we really enjoyed it. I managed to get an Essie nail polish (in Size Matters) and a Crackle nail polish in my stocking. I am in love with both! And, just so I would have more to unwrap, the dear hubs wrapped EVERYONE of my mini kit kats! And everyone of my apple cider Keurigs. It was so much fun to unwrap it all...although I'm glad he didn't wrap each individual piece of gum...that might have been a bit much!

Next, it was time to unwrap all of the gifts, and boy what fun did we have! I passed out gifts this year, which I always have fun doing. I was quite upset when I finished though, I was missing one of Mr. B's boxes to his Christmas present. I was couldn't figure out what happened. I KNEW I had brought it. Well, after looking around for a minute, I realized I had put it in the wrong pile, MY pile. You see, I wrote all of the name tags and I used our pet names for the tags. We have such nicknames as "pup," "lup," and "quel." (don't ask!) and I had used one of those, so for the most part, If I wasn't paying attention to the box, I really didn't know who's it was! But, I found it, and I gave it back to him! I REALLY wanted him to have it, not me!

Every year we get a Boston Terrier ornament from my Mamaw & Grandaddy.
I have probably 6 or 7 of them now and they are some of my favorites!
Isn't he just so cute!!!

My grandparents cute tree filled with gifts!
Isn't is SO cute in Red and White?? I love it!
Now, I totally slacked on Christmas morning and didn't take pictures of us opening gifts...I just can't believe myself!!! But, we had a great time as a family. My sister and I got my Dad a gift certificate to be taken up in glider, which was a huge hit. And I MADE my sister a nail and string art shape of Texas which she LOVED (Seriously, best gift reaction of the day!) and I have to make more for my family!

And, I got Mr. B a PlayStation 3. (Who's the best wife ever? Me, I know.) He was so SURPRISED! It wasn't even on his radar of things he could be getting! It so made my day to be able to give that to him! But, I just can't believe that I didn't get any pictures of him opening his stuff!!!

Now, I got some pretty awesome things for Christmas. My Mom & Dad gave me money for my Erin Condren planner among some other things. My sister gave me money for my Erin Condren address book and a beautiful scarf I can't wait to wear. The hubby got a piece of artwork framed for me. Which he did an AMAZING job on. Seriously, the hubby has some mad framing skills. He also got me a couple of seasons of Bones on dvd, some make up I wanted and a few other things. He did a GREAT job!! My grandparents gave me money and that's pretty much my gifts in a nutshell.

After we ate a brunch of scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, we hung out as a family and spent some time getting ready for the day. Then my aunt and uncle and cousins came back over and we hung out a while. On Christmas night, we went over to my grandparents friends, Mary & Terry's house for a party with some AMAZING food and then we spent the evening hanging out some more and listening to Terry and some of his friends play some awesome music. He's a great musician and his friends are great musicians. It was so much fun listening to them and getting to hang out with my family some more!

Now, this was when the photographer in me came out! They had this cute little Christmas tree with some decent lighting and I took the chance to get some pictures of my family together in various groupings. It was so much fun and I really appreciate having these photos as I don't have too many with my cousins in particular. These are memories of a night I will always cherish!

Hannah, Sarah, Victoria

Hannah, me, Victoria

About this time, I enlisted my Dad to get the next picture, and that's when the picture taking really took off!

Sarah, Hannah, Me & Victoria

Well, actually, I thought about how it would be nice to have my mom there to take some pictures so my dad went off to grab her and we took some more when they got back. But, I managed to get this winner of a picture while waiting.

Hanna is such the goofball!

Me and the hubby!

My Daddy & Me!

My Dad and my Mom!

Me, My Dad, My Mom & Sarah

Mr. B, Me, my Mom & my Dad

The whole family!
Me, Mr. B, Sarah, my Dad, my Mom

Hannah & Victoria

And, while I had a moment, I took this photo. I was just really playing with bokeh, when I realized how this light just completed the picture. It made it look like the wise man was staring at the star he was following. It just seems to embody so much of Christmas. It's one of my favorites from the whole trip!

After that we dropped my cousins off at home because my aunt and uncle hadn't come. And we visited with my aunt and uncle a little longer. But then, it was time to head back to my grandparents. My sister and I did take a few minutes to go hang out just the two of us and then it was off to bed.

On the day after Christmas, Mr. B and I went to lunch with my friend Jennifer and her sister Janelle. It was so much fun to see them before we got on the road!

Then, we made our way home where we did Christmas with Mr. B's family. But, I'll tell you about that in another post!


Holly said...

Wonderful pictures! And it looks like a really great Christmas :)

Britt @ A Southern Bee DIary said...

Saw your post on A blonde Ambition that you were an LSU fan and had to follow you! <3 Fellow LSU fans ! Geaux Tigers !!

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