Monday, January 16, 2012

Fish Gotta Swim, Bird's Gotta Eat

If you check out my 101 in 1001 page or post, you'll see that one of the goals on my list is to make a meal plan each month. This is important for me because it's going to help me and the hubs out in a lot of ways. So, to help keep me accountable. I'm going to be posting my menus to my blog. Plus, it gives me somewhere to go for ideas in the future! So, here's the first one.

Now, this is a little short because we've only got a couple of weeks left in the month but it's better to get started now! Plus, with school starting this week, I'm going to need a way to get everything organized. So, here we go.

Monday, January 16: Red Beans & Rice
Tuesday, January 17: Taco Bake
Wednesday, January 18: Pizza
Thursday, January 19: Slow Cooker Beef Brisket
Friday, January 20: Left overs

Monday, January 23: Red Beans & Rice
Tuesday, January 24: Meatball Po-Boys
Wednesday, January 25: Pizza
Thursday, January 26: Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Friday, January 27: Left Overs

Monday, January 30: Red Beans & Rice
Tuesday, January 31: Crock Pot Italian Chicken

Now, this month has only one new recipe in it, the Slow Cooker Beef Brisket. The rest of it is all usual menu items for us. In New Orleans, red beans and rice is a standard Monday dish. I don't know if other places have something like red beans (growing up in Texas, we didn't have any) but, there's a story why red beans and rice is always on Monday.

The story goes that Monday was always wash day. So, in the morning the woman would put red beans on using the ham bone that was leftover from Sunday's dinner. Since wash day was an all day ordeal, the beans would simmer while the women washed and when they were finished with the was, so were the beans. While Monday is no longer necessarily wash day, the tradition is as much a part of New Orleans as Mardi Gras and Jazz. I still don't make my own red beans (I use Blue Runner) but, it's an easy meal, served with sausage and one of the hubs' favorite.

Wednesday is also going to be our official Wednesday meal. We're going to start watching my amazing niece on Wednesday nights while her parents are at a class at our church. (I'm SO excited about this!) And, it just won't be easy for me to cook before we're over there. So, pizza is something we could easily make at their house and not be eating out.

I'm planning on Tuesdays to be an actual cooking day and Thursdays are planned to be my crockpot day. Now, they'll probably be switched up occasionally, but whatever. It's my menu. And, I generally allow my menus to be flexible. If I feel like cooking something on Tuesday that's planned for Thursday, than so be it. Just as long as we're happy and eating at home.

This month also didn't get any consideration on being healthy. Eating at home and NOT eating fast food half the time, is going to be a nice change for us. I plan on taking a sandwich and snacks and other tasty things for lunches and snacks while I'm at school. The way my schedule works out, I'll be at school all day and I'm going to need to have food handy!

Twice a month will be date night, and those will probably include us eating out. We don't have those planned out, but if they land on a day where something is scheduled, I'll just move our meal to another day.

And, I've yet to address weekends. But, just eating at home Monday to Friday is going to make such a big difference and start getting me in the cooking mood again.

And, if you have any good recipes I should try or any suggestions on how to make this work well I'd love to hear them!! (And hopefully, thanks to the lack of pictures, you aren't too hungry after reading this post!)

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