Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Change to Commenting

I just wanted to give y'all a quick update.

Recently I have been having a lot of trouble with spam comments (like multiple spam comments a day). Now, they haven't been posting to my blog, but I have been receiving emails about them and they're kind of annoying. So, I'm going to try something new. Instead of adding word verification (that NO ONE likes) I'm using a different to try and solve the problem. For now, only people with google accounts and Open ID's will be able to comment on It Takes Two. I used to allow anonymous comments, but they have just been spam recently. Since most everyone already comments under their blogger ID's or similar, I don't suspect that this should really effect anyone but, if you do have ANY problems commenting, please send me a quick email at bettyblogs1114(at)gmail(dot)com. I don't want this to effect any of my readers, so please say something if you have any problems!!!

I hope this works out great for everyone!!!

Y'all have an AWESOME weekend!!!

1 comment:

Ivana said...

I couldn´t agree more with you, this is such a great idea!

xx Ivana

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