Saturday, January 7, 2012

And One More Christmas to Go!

Mr. B and I spent Christmas day with my family in Texas. And then the next day we drove home to New Orleans to do Christmas with Mr. B's family.

We got home about 7:30 or so in the evening, so we quickly picked up the presents for Lee, Lindsay and Parker, and headed over there to do Christmas. I was so glad to get there and have Parker in a great mood! We played a little bit and she was hamming it up! Seriously, she was being too cute for her own good!

After playing with me and Lindsay for a few minutes, she decided she wanted to go see Mr. B. So, she took off crawling over there. It was too cute. She got most of the way there and then turned around and crawled back towards us. After a few feet, she stopped and buried her face in the carpet acting all shy. She did this a couple more times and it was just TOO CUTE!! Seriously, I can't get enough of this little girl! So much of her personality is starting to shine through and I love it! So Mr. B and Lee joined us on the floor and we all played with Parker and it was a lot of fun!

But, fact of the matter was, it was time for Christmas (again!) and we had to get to business!

Seriously, how do you not spend too much money on this sweet face for Christmas?
I'm telling you, most challenging part!

And snuggles with her Uncle John.
She's just too much!
Of course, first up to open things was Parker. We actually got her to join us a bit and she helped open all four of her presents from her Aunt Betty and Uncle John! And, we got a few faces where you can pretend she actually knew what was going on! It's so precious!

Her first present from us!!

And apparently, it was amusing!
Seriously, cutest. Kid. EVER.

And, you can tell she knows this is her very own cell phone!
(Yep, her Aunt and Uncle are THE BEST!)

Now, her first two presents from us were a teapot set that teaches manners. I've played with this before and thought it would be a toy I would like to play with her with. So, that I knew was a winner.  I told Mr. B this was the "learning toy present." The second gift was the cell phone. I told Mr. B, this was the "Keep Parker from trying to use my cell phone present."

Her third gift was a book. I think reading is so important, and want to encourage that in Parker as her aunt. (I know her parents are doing that, but I really want to too! Ok?) So, we got her Dr. Seuss' ABCs book. It's too cute and it's one that she'll be able to start learning from to recognize her letters. And what kid doesn't love Dr. Seuss?

Me reading Parker the message inside the book.
Doesn't she look SO interested!!
Telling you, teach them young!!

Me reading to her some more!

The last present was a cute little outfit for her to wear! I love buying her little things, and she just loved the sparkly dots on the outfit! Oh, and I got to see her wearing it the first time. Yep, she's just as cute as I thought she would be in it!

I love how relaxed she is on me! She's just chillin' looking at her new outfit.
I appreciate that she's this comfortable with me!
Now, at Christmas I made sure to do something I don't usually do. I gave Mr. B the camera and told him to make sure to get some of me! I'm usually taking all of the pictures and I became invisible for most of the year! I was so sad to see that and I'm so glad he had the camera some. Seriously, I will always cherish these photos!

Lee and Lindsay got me this beautiful bracelet! I don't wear bracelets often, but I look forward to finding opportunities to wear it! We got Lindsay a book that I was hoping was a good choice and she loved! And we got her a Starbucks gift card. I told her, I figured she could take the book to a Starbucks and I could watch Parker and she could have a chance to read!

We would have loved to have hung out with Lee, Lindsay and Parker more, but we still had to do Christmas with Mr. B's Mom & Dad. So, we headed home and we had one last Christmas!

We got Mr. B's dad a windbreaker he wanted and his mom new cushions for the dining room chairs. Mr. B, always the pratical one of the two of us, got tennis shoes among other things. But, I, always using the chance to get things I WANT, took the opportunity to get lots of MAKE UP, and I was surprised with more bones and some movies! Life is good!

So, that was our Christmas! We had a great time at all of them, and our presents were wonderful. Mr. B and I are truly blessed to have wonderful family that we enjoyed spending the holiday's with as well as bought us very nice gifts. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have them in my life and how truly blessed we are. All of the gifts were nice, but the things that matter most to me are the relationships that were represented. Having my niece love us so much, learning so much about my cousin, those are things that make Christmas amazing! I hope everyone's Christmas was as wonderful as mine. I could offer you no greater wish!

I'm sad that Christmas posts must end now, but this is the last of the Christmas stuff to share until the end of this year!! So, one last time, Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night!

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