Monday, January 2, 2012

2011: A Year in Review

So many have been doing a recap of 2011 and I thought I would join in too! It's such a great way to take a look back at all of the things I experienced in 2011 and remember it for the future!

{ January }
January started off with us visiting our dear friends Steve and Amy in North Carolina. We had a great time ringing in the new year with them and celebrating Stephen's birthday. The movie RED came out on DVD and I told you about my red carpet ties. And, Mr. B and I started the Oscar Death Race. And, I realized I was a grown up!

{ February }
February was an awesome month! First, I got my name changed and officially became Mrs. B. And, the real highlight, my adorable niece Parker was born and my grandparents came to visit. Throughout the whole month we were watching movies like crazy, and went to the Prytania theater to watch the Oscars be awarded.

{ March }
March brought on Mardi Gras, and two of my friends came into town from Texas to celebrate with me! We had a lot of fun despite the rain! I turned 24 and my niece came out to celebrate at Sucre (along with her Mom and Dad of course!) March also saw the end of my tenure at my Craptastic job! And, I was able to get my dSLR!!! (Still in total love with it by the way!)

{ April }
April saw us head out to San Antonio to see my family for my Dad's 50th birthday and then we traveled to Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma and Saint Louis. What a great trip!! And, I got to test out my camera on my favorite photo subject, my wonderful adorable niece!

{ May }
May was a chance for me to start playing more with my camera! I took it out to City Park and got some awesome photos! I also made my way to the Mississippi River to get some photos because the river was cresting really high this year. And, my little sister graduated college!

In June we found ourselves visiting Steve and Amy and their kiddos again. More time was spent in North Carolina and we had a ton of fun! I did a Wedding A-Z and, I can't pass up the chance to make you look at it again. And, I went blueberry picking for the first time with some friends and their kids. And got some really cute pictures!

{ July }
The Fourth of July allowed Mr. B and I the chance to host our family at our own place and I got some really cool pictures of fireworks! I also finished painting our living room and decorated it nicely!

{ August }
August saw us on the road again, this time to celebrate Amy's 30th birthday in Destin, Florida. We had great time...except for when a fish hitched a ride in my swim suit! I also taught you about the Huey P. Long bridge and showed you some pictures I took while stuck in traffic. And, I finished decorating our kitchen and told you about our pint glass collection. And, I told the story of how Mr. B and I met on our Dating-versary!

{ September }
September I found myself at a Saints practice with my camera taking some awesome photos. We also took an impromptu trip to Katy to spend some time with my grandparents. And, I got to babysit my beautiful niece who woke up early to play with me!

{ October }
October until the end of the year was pretty rough. I made an unexpected trip to Cleveland, Ohio to visit my ailing grandparents. And I told you how my got twisted, turned upside down.

{ November }
November found us living with my in-laws. And Thanksgiving was a great time with family! And, I gave you two very honest posts. One about how I now love stability. And another about my blogging fears. And, we got our Christmas tree.

{ December }
December was a month of highs and lows. The month started out with learning that my Grandmother passed away. And another trip to Cleveland, Ohio for her funeral. And, for a bright spot, I participated in my first blogger swap, an ornament swap. And, of course, there was Christmas, which I haven't blogged about yet, but I'll be doing soon!

So, there's my 2011 recap! Thanks everyone for a great year! You are amazing readers and I appreciate each one of you!

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