Monday, January 23, 2012

101 in 1001: Semester Goals

One of my goals for school, that I listed on my 101 in 1001, is to create a list of goals for each semester while I'm in school. I've waited until I've experienced the classes, received syllabuses and gotten a feel for the class.

{ one }
Make a strong A in Chemistry. This class is graded on a curve with only the top 10% of the class receiving As. Fact of the matter is, I don't want to make a low A and find myself making a B in the class because of the curve. I'm not your traditional student (I'm married, and 25 taking classes after it's been a few years but not a true "non-traditional student.") And, I'm here to have fun but more importantly, to learn. I don't want some lucky kid to steal an A from me. I'm going to be working harder than a lot of those kids and don't want to make a B and even more, I don't want to make a C! (Which would put me in the middle 40% of the class!) There's nothing wrong with Cs if the class is difficult or the material is a subject you struggle with, but I've done well in science most of my life and I'm applying myself. Bs and Cs are just not an option for me.

{ two }
I want to stay on top of calculus. I go to this class 4 days a week and the material will be a little more difficult to keep up with since I haven't taken a math class in a couple of years. I don't want to fall behind in my class for anything. I want to make sure I'm learning the material as it is presented and not cramming to learn it when tests, or worse finals, come around.

{ three }
I want to enjoy my Computing and Graphics class. This professor is such a hoot. He had me giggling through the whole first class and I just really enjoyed it. I don't want that to end because I'm stressing about learning material or anything. Plus, this is the first class I'm taking in my major. If I don't enjoy this class, I may ought to reconsider my major! But seriously, everything he said about engineering had me so excited. I can't wait to learn more!

{ four }
Do as much homework and studying as possible while on campus. I have on average 3 hours of down time between my classes each day and I really want to make use of that time for studying, doing homework and familiarizing myself with the material. I know I will have to do some studying at home and on weekends, I just want to limit that to what is necessary. Things I couldn't complete on campus or subject matter that I need to study for better comprehension, retention, etc.

{ five }
Make all As. I have 3 classes this semester and I think that if I apply myself well, study hard, and stay on top of the material I have a great chance to accomplish this. I have made 11 As and 3Bs in all of my college coursework and I want those B's to more or less disappear!!

I think those pretty much cover my goals for the semester. We'll see how the semester goes and I'll update you when the semester is over!


{kayleigh nikolai} said...

You are going to rock the socks off of school!!! I know it!! :D

PS: I love love love love your new layout...the bunting header was worth all the work!

Kathy S said...

Good luck :)

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