Thursday, January 19, 2012

101 in 1001: DVD Organization

I started this project back before Christmas. Mr. B and I have a TON of movies. Movies that we wouldn't "commit" to. Movies that went unwatched. So, first we cleaned up the collection. We actually considered what movies we would or wouldn't watch and got rid of the ones we wouldn't. We sold a lot of those on Amazon I think and got a few dollars for them.

And this system was fine, until we moved in with Mr. B's parents. We wanted to take our DVD's with us but it was going to be hard to store them all. So, we decided to buy a DVD case and put them in it. Now, I was a little hesitant to do this because DVDs have to be in alphabetical order. How else will you find them?

Our DVD Binder

So, after a lot of consideration, I figured it out! I got those little dot labels and each slot is numbered. And then, I created a spreadsheet on my computer that has the slot number and the disc that's in it. Everything we owned when we started the binder is in alphabetical order. Anything else is added immediately after in any random order.

The inside, numbered DVDs.

So far, I'm loving this system. First, I've found we've committed to more movies this way. Second, It's really easy to browse movies to pick one. Just flip through the pages. Third, it's SO contained. I believe we currently have 142 discs. A few of those have a special features disc that we choose to keep. (If it wasn't a special features disc of a movie we really like - we kept all of the Twilight discs - or if we weren't interested in the special features anymore - they weren't very good - we got rid of them.)

Also, we took all of our DVD series and put them into books as well. For us, the series we have in books are Bones, Frasier, Ghost Whisper and Lost. So, whenever we want to watch a series, we just pull out the book with it in there. I also have a spreadsheet for each of those that includes the season, disc numbers and the episode names on that disc. Whenever we want to watch something, we always know where to find it! And, we did a few special editions of movies (Gone With The Wind, Titanic) that we did keep in their cases, but there is just a few of them!

Now, to explain "committing" to movies. We were notorious for watching movies on tv that we owned. We would even watch them on TBS or USA where they had commercials in them. But, we wouldn't put the disc into the DVD player to watch it. It was a mix of not wanting to get down on the ground to pick the movie out and not wanting to potentially miss something better on tv...Yeah, we're nerds like that! Since we've put all of our movies into their books, we watch a lot more of them! It's just so easy and accessible. And we can fit all of our movies on one bookshelf. We had filled a whole DVD rack and were going to need a second. This is SO much easier!

If you've got a lot of movies, I REALLY suggest this organization method. It's so handy and easy to use! And takes up so little space!

Well, that is one of many things on my 101 in 1001 list that I get to cross off!

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