Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today I'm linking up for WILW. I haven't done this link up in awhile and thought this week would be great for it!

I'm loving my current nail polish!!
I've redone it since this pic and they look even better!!
Oh, and I'm totally rocking the accent's awesome!!
I'm loving taht Coke is wondering why people
were confused with the holiday cans.
Maybe this can help.

I'm loving that I spent the afternoon with this cutie!!!
We had fun playing, eating lunch and taking a nap!!!

Today's been a great Wednesday and I'm loving that I'll be spending the evening hanging out with friends tonight! It's going to be fun!


Holly said...

Wonderful things to love!!

Kathy S said...

Yeah, those new Coke cans are definitely confusing.

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